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Bob "The Team Builder" Lancer
Today‘s Master Motivational Team Building Speaker
I've Spent The Last 3 Decades Helping Individuals, Businesses And Organizations Of All Kinds Shift Their Attitudes For Happier, More Positive, Productive And Creative Workplace Environments

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Harnessing The Power Of A More Positive Attitude

Interviewer: What exactly do you do, Bob?

Essentially I teach people how to be happy.

I think happiness is what everyone wants.  How to you help people achieve this.

I help them recognize that counting on external conditions and achievements to feel really good inside is placing the car before the horse.  They can learn how to feel that positive energy of joy unconditionally and then discover how that not only raises the quality of their life; it also raises the quality of their work.

How did you discover this "secret of happiness"?

I struggled with unhappiness for years. Like most people I believed that the way to solve my problems was to get stressed out and worried, to push myself hard.  Like everyone else I believed that I didn't deserve to feel happy until I achieved a certain level of success.  But this became unbearable eventually.  I just needed to find a way to feel happy.  After a long search I discovered a process for achieving that, and discovered at the same time that my goals happened more easily the better I felt inside.

How long have you been a motivational speaker, coach and author.

I've been at this for nearly 4 decades now.  It's my passion and my joy.

So it is not selfish or silly to place a high value on happiness?

Your entire life is a reflection of your attitude. Your attitude accurately predicts where your life is heading. But few people really know how to change their attitude for the better, even once they figure out that their attitude is really their only problem.

I have learned a simple, powerful process for recognizing and releasing from the negative attitudes that bring us down, and then how to build up positive attitudes that accurately predict the steady improvement of our circumstances.

What are the best strategies for someone to accomplish an attitude shift?

It begins by taking an honest look at your attitudes.

As you do this you discern that it is not what is happening to you, or what has happened, or what might happen, but your attitude that is the sole cause of any unhappiness or insecurity you may be feeling.

We have to examine our attitude to recognize that how we feel about what is happening, and then relate to our attitude as a cause of what happens, not so much a result of it.

This produces a huge shift, because most feel that their happiness depends upon what happens to them.  This is a learned attitude of negativity.

So how do we UN-learn negativity?

Step one is, again, to allow yourself to feel all of your uncomfortable feelings.

Don't resist how you feel. The next step is to focus on improving how you feel instead of trying to change your circumstances to improve how you feel.

What is a key to feeling better?

Use your gifts and talents.Your gifts and talents are the things you are naturally good at, naturally interested in getting better at; what you do that brings you joy, that feeds your inspiration.

The more you express your talents, the more joyful your attitude, and the more joyful your attitude the greater your results in life.

What if you don't know what your gifts and talents are?

Experiment by trying this and that.

It's the fear of failure, of looking silly, that blocks people here.

By focusing on the doing, and not on the results, you can find some relief here.

What can someone do right now to improve the quality of their life?

Just start relating to how you feel right here and now as an internal condition that you are producing within yourself, instead of relating to it as a product of your circumstances or external conditions. 

But isn't it natural to feel unhappy about problems?

Actually, unhappiness is entirely UN-natural.  Happiness is your natural, healthy state.  We block our happiness by reacting to what happens in unnatural ways.  Through my trainings I help people recognize their natural, joyful way of functioning, and as they explore this new way they discover their problems literally turning into solutions.

What final thought would you like to leave us with?

It's time for organizations to realize that a happy workforce is really the most profit-generating workforce.  The reason why so many businesses fail and so many people are struggling financially is because they are making happiness dependent upon what happens to them, when what happens to them is really dependent upon how they are feeling.

Personal and organizational success depends upon happiness at work, and happiness at work is a SKILL that you can develop, and developing that skill is what I do.

More About Me

Living in the joy of releasing more and more positive attitude power is a way of life for me that has me cherishing every moment of every day. For the past 3 decades I have been studying, applying, speaking about, training and coaching in, and writing about how to get in, return to and remain in joy of a positive attitude that turns life into one grat continuous breakthrough.

Everyone has a true purpose. I broke through to mine and it is to help others find theirs for a life that dissolves resistance to inspired accomplishment in any field of endeavor, relating to professional goals and personal achievement, including parenting and passing through life's most difficult changes and challenges.

My life dream has been fulfilled: helping individuals from all walks of life, including those living in the brightest and darkest of situations, to see how they have been creating any form of resistance they have been struggling with, and how to release that resistance through the power of appreciation to live and succeed in growing joy.

Specific applications of my trainings in the corporate world include breakthrough leadership development and team building.

I have taught people how to lead a joyful, breakthrough life around the U.S. and overseas from every socio-economic background, of all ages (from preschoolers to the elderly).

I provide live, phone and Skype individual and team breakthrough coaching.

I present Breakthrough With The Power Of Appreciation keynotes and seminars to CEO groups, university students and professors, Fortune 500 work teams, parents living in homeless shelters, dentists and doctors and their clinical and office work teams, wild fire fighters and hospital teams, youth achievement groups and clients of wealth management firms, preschool teachers, prisoners in incarceration, etc.

I've been able to empower all of these diverse groups for breakthroughs into positive, inspired goal-achievement through the power of appreciation.

Bob Lancer's Powerful Inspirational Speaker Skills
Earned Him His Own Radio Show

In addition to my live presentations, I reached tens of thousands each week through my WSB Radio AM and FM motivational talk show that broadcasted for 15 years to 35 states, and I continue to reach people through the media through my countless guest appearances on radio, TV and podcasts.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY - in Sea Gate, on the southern tip of Coney Island, to be exact. After graduating from Long Island University with a degree in English and Education I met and began studying with my "wisdom teacher", who led me into the original realizations that I've been applying, developing and sharing ever since.

I believe that the reason that everything that happens to us happens to us is to give us the golden opportunity to establish ourselves more and more stably and completely "in the zone" of unconditional love and appreciation, which opens the door of greater accomplishment and more abundance.

I love reading about inspiring life-wisdom, writing about it, speaking about it (personally and professionally), listening to someone else speak about it, consciously applying it and thinking about it. I even dream about it! It is like food, air and water to me.

"Once again you woke us up, turned our thinking into a positive direction, uplifted our spirits. You are a brilliant facilitator, a gifted motivational speaker."- P. Solomon, GA Dept. of Education

"I found Bob Lancer's advice and presentation skills so great that after attending just one of his seminars I offered him his own show."

- Greg Moceri, Award Winning Program Director, WSB Radio

"Once again you were amazing. Every comment I heard was superlative."

- Debbie Currere Leadership Forum of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce

I currently live in Decatur, GA with my two sons (my greatest teachers) - Gabriel (blue hat) and Aaron (white hat), pictured above at a Braves game at good old Turner Field.

Meeting Planners: Call 770-364-9580 or e-mail.
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What Clients Say

I paid Bob Lancer $25,000 for a single idea of his that shifted our sales approach and made us approximately $900,000 in profits.

Garret Vandergrift
CEO, Enterprise Vending

Bob Lancer is a unique business coach who brings his own style of success vision, sales techniques, work–life balance and awareness to a business. Since being a consultant for Atlanta ENT one year ago, Bob has changed the attitude of our personnel to one of being happy and productive team members.

Our patients have noticed the change, and have repeatedly commented that they have “the best patient experience” when visiting our office as compared to the numerous other physician offices they visit.

Our revenue and profit margins have also correspondingly increased and reached levels previously only dreamed of.

I highly recommend that businesses in all market sectors bring Bob into their office if they are looking for a consultant who can help their employees deal with inter personal relationships, improve office moral, and increase sales. Until you have experienced the “Lancer” effect, you will not know what you are missing!

Ramie A. Tritt, MD
President, Atlanta ENT

Bob, Thank you again for your passion, your training and your help to me. I know that you have a ton of other areas of focus. Here’s to your continuing success!

Craig Hahn
Director of Digital Sales, NRS Media

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your spirit, your energy, your ideas, and your fresh approach to helping all of us become better.

Please know that I have been reinforced and I have grown because of your devotion to make all of us better. I am better at what I do today because of you.

Michael Botta
Director of Business Development, NRS Media
Bob's Creations

Bob Lancer Is The Author Of Several Books and The Creator of Dozens of Motivational Recordings Presenting Professional and Personal Development Life-Wisdom.

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