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Retail Sales Success: How To Beat The Internet

Be There For The Right Reason

There is really only one secret to brick-and-mortar retail sales success in this age of the Internet.  You need to be where you are for the right reason.  That right reason is simply this: Be there for others.


We hear this spoken about in all the great religions.  And now, we hear it spoken about in the market place.  Business professionals need to take their game to the next level to be ahead of the game.


Businesses, and the sales professionals who drive business, don't flounder because of the economy or because of the competition.  They don't flounder because their prices are too high.  They flounder because of their focus, or because of the lack of it.


When your focus is about being WORTHY of your customer, you are on the right track.


When your focus is on creating a valuable customer experience for the store visitor, with no strings attached, your focus will lead you to retail sales success.  Retail sales success comes from placing the other person first.


The Golden Rule does not really apply here.  That Rule advises that we treat others the way that we want to be treated.  This “one size fits all” approach to relationships doesn't work any better than trying to sell a one-size-fits-all business suit or bikini.  

We have to treat people the way that THEY want to be treated to earn their trust and to have them value their relationship with us.


Now that brick-and-mortar retail stores have to compete with the Internet, the only way to effectively do that is NOT through groupons and price slashing.  It's by doing what the internet can never do: create a meaningful human relationship with the store visitors that they very much appreciate.


Your relationship with shoppers begins the moment they walk in the door, or even glance through the window of your shop.  When you are sincerely about being truly helpful, it will radiate from your demeanor.  You don't have to fake it to make it.  Just be aware, responsive, and always about creating a meaningful experience for the shopper.


Transcend personal self-centeredness and be about the other.

When you provide a positive relationship experience for shoppers and browsers, they feel inspired, and maybe even obligated, to take their business to you, even if it costs more time and money to do so.  


The aim of the retail sales professional should be to cause visitors to feel so welcomed, so valued, and so well-treated, that they want to shop at your store just for that experience.


And don't worry about the outcome.  When your heart is right, your results are right.  

The Law of Reciprocity applies here.  The more you give to your prospects and customers, the more business will come back to you.  And at the same time, you will be having a richer daily experience by really bringing some good into people's lives.


Don't focus only on getting.  Focus on giving to get you where you want to go.


Certainly be focused on making the sale and then turning that into an upsell, but always do that with the intention of serving your customer's interests at the highest possible level.  

Introduce items with inspiration that you truly feel will make the customer's buying experience more complete, more satisfying, more valuable.  

Entice customers to want to buy more by showing them items that fit with their goals, intentions and values – (These become apparent as you get to know the person you are consciously interacting with.)


The key to creating a positive experience for your store's visitors is to practice constant, relaxed, non-obtrusive, alert observation of the visitor, from the moment you notice the person.  

Remain present.  Don't let your mind wander.  Don't be worrying about the outcome.  Don't continually think about who this person reminds you of.  

Don't get lost in expectations and assumptions.  Just focus on reading your visitors and on relating with them in a way that they like.


Look at your shopper's face and body language to “read” the signs of pleasure or displeasure.  

Try to sense the shopper's mood and harmonize with it.  Get a sense of how close the shopper wants you to be, the manner of speaking the shopper appreciates, the “vibe” the shopper is picking up from you.

As you practice relating with every shopper more consciously, with the intention of providing that individual with a positive store-experience that he or she really values, those who visit your store will come away with a memory of an experience they regard as worth their time and effort to repeat and to recommend.


In Bob Lancer's Retail Sales Professional Team Building Trainings and Aware Sales Coaching, retail sales teams become more aware in their relationships with customers and prospects, to accurately interpret the signals the store visitor expresses.

Help your retail sales team create more meaningful shopping experiences that translate into more customer experiences for your store.

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