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Spiritual Success Secret Of The Small - part 1

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

The following is a transcript from an inspirational presentation on "the success power secret of the small" designed for a church conference.

Today I would like to speak with you about the power of the small to make spectacular changes in your life.

We will look at the path from poverty to wealth, in every area of your life.  This is how to move from no job to having a job, from no business to a thriving business, from no money to plenty of money, from no love to all the love your heart can handle, from no freedom to all the freedom your heart desires, from insecurity to inner peace, from worry to wisdom and from a lack of joy to over-abundant joyfulness.  It's how to go anywhere from here.


I would like to address this topic of achieving the great through the power of the small on two levels: the mundane and the miraculous.


Let's begin on the mundane, because that seems to be where most people are focused these days.


On the mundane level you are told every day how bad things are.  People are typically hoping for someone else to come through for them.  Few realize the vast amount of power they have access to.  Most seem to feel too small to make a difference in a world that is going so terribly, terribly haywire.


But the reality is that you actually do have access to the power to direct your destiny.  You are endowed with Divine Energy.  This is demonstrated by the fact that everything you do for what you want WORKS.


You may not see the results right away.  You will likely have to work your way through losses before you see the gains you are after.  But if you continue working for what you want you will find it happening.


It won't happen as soon as you want it to, but it will happen if you persevere. There will be times that life will hit you so hard that you will have to give up for a while.  Trust in that.  Give up for a while.  But then as soon as you can, get back to work.  There is real miraculous power in work.


Now if you cannot think of a way to work for what you want, keep thinking.  Thinking is a form of work.  Sooner or later your next step will appear.  That demonstrates the miraculous power of work.


There are 5 W's, but only one of the W's works.  (See my new CD Set: LIfe Mastery Set 1, for a recording on the Magic of W5).

You can Want something to happen.  You can Wish for it to happen.  You can Wait for it to happen.  You can Worry about it not happening.  None of those W's works.  

The 5th W is miraculous.  It is to Work for what you want.  Take focused disciplined action, no matter how small the step might seem, in the direction of your goal and your dream will come true.


Change always starts small – so small as to seem invisible - and builds from there.  The moment after you plant a healthy seed in vibrant soil you see no change, but the change is beginning.


What holds most people back in life is believing they have to do something really big to make a big change in their lives.


But the reality is that those who take the small steps that they can take make the big changes that they want.  You had to take baby steps to learn how to walk.  You had to make gibberish sounds to learn how to talk.


Dream big and take the small, easy baby steps that you can take in the direction of your big dream.


Big dreams inspire us, and inspiration gives us the power to take action.  Go deep inside your heart and open up to your deepest heart's desire for your life.  Then go for it.


Human beings are not just living creatures.  We are living creators.  We have been endowed with the ability to dream a dream and to make it come true.


You bring about what you think about.  You bring about what you speak about.  You bring about conditions consistent with how you feel.


If you feel anxious about your future you will find yourself in a future that helps you to feel even more anxious.


If you feel faith about your future you will find things have a way of working out beautifully, even miraculously, but we will look into the miraculous in more depth in a moment.


On the mundane level the most important power you have is your focus of attention.  You can only make adjustments based on what you are aware of.  Pay attention to what you are doing with your attention, time and energy.  Your attention, time and energy constitute your power to direct your life.


Every thought you think and emotion you feel and word you speak and action you take represents an investment of your energy.  Notice what you are investing your energy into.


Are you caught up in a conflict with someone and wasting your energy on trying to prove how much better you are? You could be using that energy to build your dream.


Direct your energy into what you want to bring about and sacrifice petty self-indulgences.  You have to sacrifice involvement in the less important for the more important.


Notice who you associate with.  You become like those you spend time with.  Choose your associations carefully.  Spend time with people who inspire you to believe in yourself.


Trust the ideas that come to you.  If you feel stuck, it means that you are discounting the ideas that suggest possible action-steps.  Think of something easy that you can do for what you want, no matter how trivial it seems.  If it makes even a symbolic difference it is worth your effort.


You demonstrate your faith with your work.  It's taking steps in the direction of your dreams that counts.  Even if you expect to be disappointed, if you can continue doing SOMETHING for what you want you are demonstrating the faith that it can happen, and then it will happen.


Shifting from fear to faith seems like a very small thing to do, but it makes the biggest difference in your life.  If you are worried about your future, just continue working for the future that you want.  This releases the power of faith.  Faith is really the power that makes miracles happen in your life.  


Right now, think about something you would love to happen in your life.  Then raise your hand up slowly, stretching it all the way up.  As you do this, imagine that you are doing it FOR that goal you just thought of.


This is a symbolic action, but it works.  It gets you moving in the right direction.


Action builds up momentum and inaction builds up inertia.  This means that taking action for what you want leads to greater opportunities for more significant action.  But by NOT taking action you build up inertia, meaning that it will seem more and more difficult to take any action at all.


One small thing you can do to make a huge difference in your life is to watch your thinking.  Every thought is a prayer.  You are speaking to God with every thought you think.  You are literally asking God for what you are thinking about.  You are choosing the life you think about.


The power of positive thinking has been well documented.  But just as important as it is to think positive, we need to cleanse our minds of negative thinking.  Negative thinking is also powerful.  You bring about what you think about.


So watch your mind very carefully all day long, to become aware of what you are praying for.  This may seem like a small thing but it is really a very big thing to do. 


When you notice a thought about what you do NOT want, like your money gone, your children suffering, your self-respect shattered, drop the thought as soon as you can.


The best place to focus your attention on is the now.  That is another small thing you can do to make a really big difference in your life.


By being really present, not lost in thought, you will awaken to reality and automatically make wiser choices.  You will awaken to the presence of God.  So directing your attention is a small thing that leads to a very BIG result.


This gives us a nice bridge for talking about the miraculous dimensions of the great power to transform our lives and achieve magnificent, even miraculous victory through the small.

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