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Spiritual Success Secret Of The Small Part 2

The Mighty Seed


As small as the seed is, without seeds there is no life on the planet.


All of life is the seed in explosion.


Within each seed is a pattern of growth that culminates in fruition.


Within YOU is a pattern of growth that culminates in fruition.


The fruition of the human being is the fulfillment of your highest potential for the gifts, talents and abilities bestowed upon you, plus something more.


The fruition of the human being takes place when the human being surrenders to Divine Will to become an instrument of that Will, offering up your abilities, skills, and talents to be used by God's Purpose and rewarded by God's Love.

The pattern in every seed delineates a purpose within the matrix of all life.


The seed of the flower contains a pattern that is designed for bees to pollinate.


The grass seed contains a pattern that nourishes cows.


Within YOU is a pattern delineating the fulfillment of YOUR purpose within the matrix of all life.


You were created to fill a void in God's Perfect Plan.


In other words there is a void in the world that only you can fill, and that you were created to fill.  There exists a void in every person's life that can only be filled by the influence of your life.


As you fulfill your purpose in the Divine Plan you draw to you all things and people needful.  In other words, everything falls into place and you will be taken care of.


The first step to fulfilling your part of the Divine Plan is to be yourself instead of beating up on yourself, to accept yourself and to accept the perfect forgiveness that makes you guiltless.  Just being yourself authentically fulfills your purpose. You will know just what to do when you are being you.

How can you tell when you are being you, being authentic?  You are not worried about gaining approval.  You are not a pleaser.  You feel loving, natural.  

You don't feel attacked by yourself. You feel relaxed and radiant.  You don't try to cover up your vulnerability or act like someone you are not.  You are not trying to impress anyone or puff up your pride.  You don't concern yourself with what other people think, but you do concern yourself with being compassionate toward yourself and toward others.  

You are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of everyone you meet.  If you are not being loving, you are not being you.


In fact, the first sign that someone is being inauthentic is when they are being unloving, expressing an unloving attitude toward themselves or toward others.


Actually, the attitude we express toward others we give to ourselves.  You experience the attitude you feel.  How you treat others is how you treat yourself.  You cannot be cruel to another while being kind to yourself.  

We are our brother's keeper because we are a receiver of the treatment we give to our brother.


Being oneself should be automatic, but it is not that easy.  We have been taught to try to live up to expectations, and to beat ourselves up for falling short.


To be yourself is to be genuinely loving in the now.  When you are being that, the rest is all taken care of because you are filling the void you were created to fill, and any void in your life will be filled as a consequence.


So being yourself might seem like a small thing.  But has great rewards.


But when we speak about being ourselves, we need to know whom we are really talking about.  The human mind is incapable of absolute knowledge.  Only God knows who you truly are.  Only God can guide you into absolutely true self-expression.


So to be yourself is to turn yourself and your life over to God for direction.  It is to offer up to God your very sense of identity.  “You tell me who I am, God.  You run my desires, my emotions.  You give me the thoughts I am to think.  You take over my actions.  Use me, God, to fulfill your perfect plan.”  That is the ultimate act of being true to oneself because it fulfills one's ultimate desire.


To give ourselves to God is to give ourselves to goodness.


We usually only come to this place of offering ourselves up to God when we are feeling very low, when we realize our utter inadequacy for running our lives.  We realize that even when the things we work for come to pass they do not last, or they do not give us the inner peace and security we were hoping for.  We are just as miserable as ever.


So even when we succeed at the highest levels we eventually realize that we have failed because nothing in this world gives us what we are really after and we really cannot figure out what to do next.  Only then are we willing to surrender for the ultimate victory.


We usually think of hitting bottom in life as a “bad” place to be.  But it is actually the fruition of the seed within each human being.  You are designed to hit bottom.  You are meant to go there, because it is from there that you are ready to step into the path of your true purpose.


I spoke of the power of work to direct your life, but sooner or later you find yourself right back where you started, in yet another mess. And if you don't think you are in a mess, think again.  The whole world is in a terrible mess and you are living in this world.  We see corruption at every turn.  Nuclear accidents are just a sneeze away.  The news if filling us with fear of inevitable natural catastrophes.  Some believe that “global warming” is a consequence of the earth moving closer to hell.


On a personal scale a similar crisis may be occurring in your life.  Perhaps you are going through a painful divorce, your income has taken a bad turn, your health is concerning you, your children are getting into trouble.  Often this all happens at once.


As the seed within us comes to fruition we realize that we can't make a single decision about what is really best for us to do because our situation is just too big and too complicated. 


There is too much happening, too much change is happening too quickly.  And the more you try to keep up with the changes the more you are living in the past, because the next change is already here.  The only way to keep up with the change is to lead the change, and the only way to lead the change is to be yourself and tap into the Infinite Mind of God for direction. The human mind has reached its limits.


Everyone pretends to know what they are doing, but that is just pretense.  Deep down inside we are all very insecure, very unsure of ourselves, and for very good reason.  We really don't know what is going on, why, or what to do about it.


If you don't realize this now, you will.  You will come to realize the utter smallness of the human mind in relation to the infinite.  When you realize that, it's truly a great day, because then you are ready to turn your thinking over to God's Infinite Mind and place your trust in God's Perfect Love.

You can't figure it out, but God already has it all figured out, and God is right here with you.  You can feel His Presence in the energy in your body.  Open up to it.  Drop any notion that conceives of any separation at all between you and God's Presence.


Ask the Presence of God, the Holy Spirit, to tell you what to do.  Clear your mind of all of your opinions, bow your head in humble trust and openness and await the coming of your answer.  It will come. Accept your personal smallness and receive God's Infinite Greatness. There is your miracle! 


When I turned my life over to God I got invited here and I was told that the choice to invite me here was guided by God.  That's pretty miraculous.  And that's how it works.  You make the small shift of turning it over and your whole life turns around.


Your life will shift from chaos to order when you step into the correct order of things.  That correct order is that you take your orders from God, you no longer act like the lord of your own life. 


You bow your head and you ask, “What goals are right for me?  What goals would You have me pursue?  How should I feel about my current financial situation?  What should I do about the person at work who is spreading lies about me?  What should I think about right now?   What should I say to my rude neighbor?  How should I react to the slow driver on the road?” 


Clear out all of your personal opinions about what you should do, think, feel and say to make room for the Infinite to take over.  Trust in God's Perfection and open up to it.  Open to God's direction with positive expectancy that it will come and it will come.


Don't let habit run your thinking.  Turn your thinking over to God.  You bring about what you think about.  Think about God directing you. 

There are two types of people in the world, the wheat and the chaff. 


The chaff people chafe up against God, against themselves, against others, against life.  They want what they want because they want it. Their lives are about proving themselves, puffing up their pride, satisfying their lusts and desires.  

They are not interested in examining their motivations.  They don't learn from their mistakes.  They don't think they make any mistakes.  If something goes wrong they blame someone else, or they blame God or the absence of God that they believe in.


They don't question WHY they want what they want.  All they need to know is that they want it and then getting it becomes their purpose and they don't care who they have to hurt along the way, even their own children.  They are selfish people.


Then there are the wheat people.  We are the WHY people.  We care very much about why we want what we want.  Is it really in our best interest?  Is it compassionate toward others?  What have we learned from past experience about the consequences of such a choice? What does the Bible inform our hearts about this choice? Is it really going to lead us to happiness?


We wheat people want to know the truth in order to be set free by it.  We don't want to live in a lie that we convince ourselves to believe in.  We want to live according to spiritual law because we know that doing so is most fulfilling; and we want to honor and preserve our connection with our Divine Source because doing that is our true source of abundance.  

We want inner peace because without that we can gain the whole world but it doesn't amount to anything.  Success with stress feels like bondage.  And inner peace only comes when we turn it all over to God.  That is when we rest in peace.


We want to make this world a better place.  We want to help people realize how good life really can be.  We want to serve a perfect plan with our full power, because giving fully is fulfilling.  We want to make a difference.  We want to fill the void in God's Plan that led God to create us as we are.


We wheat people are the overcomers, because with the help of God we overcome the darkness within ourselves and the limitations of our lives.


Forget about your personal ambition for a while and open yourself up to God's ambition for you.  How are you meant to relate with your child, your spouse, your employer, your employee, your customer, your neighbor, your friend, even your enemy?  If you are out of a job, how should you deal with that?  What job would God have you do right now, right here, right where you are?


Admit that you are lost and then lose yourself to God.  You'll enter a higher state of beautiful order in your life and leave the world of chaos down below.


You don't have to wait for your life to be going all-wrong for you to surrender it to the guidance that makes it all right.  But you might have to wait that long.


We may need to take that bite of the apple, become the prodigal son. 


And we need to set others free to make their own mistakes, because hitting bottom is the best place you can be if it's the only place you can wake up from.


Waking up and giving up is really what human life's all about.  That's the fruition of the seed.  You think you are in a desperate situation?  That's just a dream.  Wake up to realize that God's Perfect Love is ever present and you really never have anything to worry about.


When you worry about a problem, the only real problem you have is your worry.  Worry doesn't work.  It poisons the attitude.  It takes the joy out of life.  It blinds one to the truth that only faith can see, the truth that Perfect Love is always in control.


Waking up from the dream of your problems leads to giving up all of your efforts to solve those problems.  You cannot solve a single one.  Why?  Because they don't really exist.


Any problem that you think you have is really just a thought.  Give that problem to God to solve.   


What if the truth is that you really have nothing to worry about and that everything is going to work out wonderfully in your life?  Is that true?  You might believe yes; you might believe no.


But what is the truth?  Only God knows.  So before you worry about a problem, ask God exactly what you should be doing with your mind, what you should be thinking about right now, what you should be feeling right now.  Give up personal ego-tripping control and let God direct you. 


Right now, close your eyes and see if you can get into the attitude of opening up to the Divine Presence with a true willingness to do as God directs.  Let's try that for one minute together right now.


God will never tell you to be afraid, to worry, to doubt that Perfect Love is always in charge.  God will never direct you to seek personal happiness in a way that hurts another.


Trust God to give you the work you are to do right now.


To become great is really to be so small that you are nothing.  As Jesus said, “I of myself do nothing”.


Be small like that. Be as a little child, trusting in the will of your father.  Aspire to do a great deal by replacing your personal initiative with Divine Initiative. 


The truth is written in your heart, the way the pattern of growth is inscribed within the tiny seed.  Your heart tells you where to direct your energy and your intention.


It tells you to love your family and to fill your home with so much love that the innocent hearts of your children thrive.


Your heart tells you when you are getting it right, because you feel fulfilled in your heart when you are getting it right.  Turn over every choice and decision you have to God and you will feel the perfect rightness of that in your heart of hearts.


You will draw all things needful to you as you follow the path of your peaceful heart.


God asks for but your rest.  When you surrender, you rest.  Take a rest from the heavy, taxing burden of trying to control your life with your personal efforts and personal mind  Relax and let God work through you. 

In sum, use every situation that you face as a learning experience.  Everything happens to give you an opportunity to learn how to deal with it, to overcome it, to turn it to your advantage. Your learning will ultimately lead you to total reliance on God.


No matter how bad things seem, things are the way the are to give you an opportunity to discover the wise way through.  Wrestle with your challenges and they will lead you to reliance on your Divine Source.

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