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Why God Created You

Follow Your True Way

Have you ever wondered why God created you?

It's to love.


God created you because God's love is too great to contain, too great for God to keep to God's Self.  God created you to shower you over-abundantly with Divine Love for you all the time, 24/7.


God created you from God, making you as perfectly innocent and loving as God, making you an expression of God's love in the world, when you are being your true self.


Your suffering is brought on by your resistance to love, because you have not yet awakened to your true self, and God's true self and to your true relationship with God.  God is incapable of mistreating you, by God's choice.  


The lesson of your suffering is to teach you to return to love, to be more truly yourself, to stop your self-punishing ways of treating others and yourself as guilty, to finally accept the love God created you to receive.


By allowing you to go through the suffering of ignorance, of spiritual darkness, of the pre-awakened state, God gives you the gift of ultimately recognizing the distinction between the experience of God's love and the experience of rejection of that perfect love.  This enhances your appreciation of God's gift of love, and in that appreciation are all your love-starved wounds healed into overwhelming gratitude.


Accepting forgiveness heals all wounds.  To forgive is to love unconditionally.  To love unconditionally is to be truly yourself.


This is the secret of forgiveness: To God you are entirely forgiven because you were created by perfect innocence, from perfect innocence, to be entirely innocent.  In God's “eyes” there is nothing and no one to forgive.  You are entirely loved by God for the purely innocent being you are.


To accept God's love is to accept the joy of faith and to reject the misery of fear, based on the realization that the all-powerful love that imbues you can accept no harm for you.


Fear arises due to attachment to what must pass.  As the conditions of life change, however, the truth is that God's love for you remains ever constant and unconditional. 


Changing conditions teach us to remain steadfast in our faith, even as we lose all that we have relied on for our happiness.  They teach us to let go.


Finally the lesson dawns and we are taught that it is only reliance on God's unconditional love that brings enduring joy.  We are taught to no longer place our trust in the forms of conditions that manifest God's love. 


Financial conditions, personal relationship conditions, all physical conditions are transitory, no matter how emotionally invested we are in them.  Those forms must pass, to be replaced by forms that express even more of God's love.


Nothing leaves that is not replaced by something greater.


As you follow the path of love, love toward yourself and others, through life's challenges and changes, you are following God's way, and you are following your true way.  Fear dissolves and faith takes its place. 


You were created to love.


Anticipate no misfortune, for none ever really exists.  It is the interpretation we give to change that brings the experience of tragedy upon us. 


Trust in God's love.  Accept God's love for you right now. Realize how magnificent being the constant recipient of that love makes you. What could make you more privileged?  What could make you feel more special, more sacred, more worthy than to have that all-powerful love as your continual source?


As you realize this about yourself , that God created you to love, you are set free to live in the natural state of joy that expresses pure innocence, and your unconditional love toward all, including yourself, springs automatically from your heart. 


You have no cause for worry or regret.  No cause for self-recrimination or for projecting self-recrimination onto others.  You were created to love.

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