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Choose To Live In Your Miracle Life Now

What if you were actually living in the miracle life that you desire?

You might be.  Even while you believe you are living in some tragedy, your miracle life can be unfolding right here, right now, only you don't get to appreciate it because you are looking at darker visions of your life.

Your miracle life IS unfolding right here, right now.  Think about the conditions that you would so love to happen, that if they were happening, you would feel that a miracle has taken place in your life.  Get in touch with the feeling of your miraculous life being here and now.  If you try this you will feel little glimmers of that experience.  You will see that your miraculous life is a state of consciousness.

You might criticize this experience by saying that you are only kidding yourself by living in the feelings of a miraculous life.  But the reality is that you are giving yourself the experience that you feel yourself into.

Whether you actually see physical evidence of your miracles coming about really does not matter as long as you are experiencing the fulfillment of your miracle's existence. 

Just tell yourself that you simply need to take off the blinders that prevent you from experiencing the perspective that reveals your miracle's unfoldment.  Then, get into the feeling of your miraculous life being here, now, right where you are.  Suggest to yourself that whatever is happening right here, right now, is your miraculous life.  You are being set free to live in that miraculous life right now.

Let your feeling of living in your miraculous life inform you of a vision of that life.  If your life felt miraculous you would feel filled with light and love and gratitude.  A sense of triumph would fill you.  You would see all of the areas of your life flowing perfectly.


Living in the miracle feeling space can be developed as a habit.  Right now we are in the habit of living in the feeling of the dismal.  That feeling state casts darkness over our inner eye, preventing us from seeing the victory by projecting a scene of victimization onto our lives.

When you imagine that your life is giving you the miracle that your heart most deeply desires you actually do begin to see things differently.  Hopelessness is transformed into hopefulness. 

What we want is to make this miracle state of consciousness steady, strong, and unconditional.  Whatever the appearance, whatever words are spoken to us, whatever interpretation of our lives we receive from others, we want our miracle state of consciousness to remain unshaken, undiminished, even expanded moment by moment.

Ask yourself, “What if the miraculous life I have been asking for, praying for, working for, weeping for is actually happening right now?”  This question can begin the shift in your perspective that helps you to experience that miracle as reality.  This perception gives you command over your experience.

As long as your perception is ruled by events and circumstances your life is one of darkness, even despair at times.  There seems to be no real hope that what would make you feel overwhelmingly grateful for your life is likely.

But once you begin training your feelings into the acceptance of your miracle life opening up for you here and now, your despair fades into hope, and your hope gives birth to glimmers of realization of that being your actual reality.

Choose to live in your miracle life right now by choosing to feel, to whatever degree possible, that you are indeed in that life right now.

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