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How To Know Where God Is

Would you like to know where God is?  God dwells in your very self, so near as to be your very self.

Another way of saying this as that God is as close to you as you are to your self. 

The Hebrew term for the totality of God's essence is “ain soph”, which means “no limits.”  In the state of no-limits there is no separation, no duality, no plurality; just unity, oneness, all-pervasiveness.

Only the undirected, or misdirected, human imagination creates the illusion of, and the subsequent suffering that comes from, separation from God.  We can harness the power of the imagination, though, to enter conscious experience of unity with God.

To locate God, look within your self.  Imagine that God is an attribute of your self, albeit the highest attribute of your self, the All-Powerful attribute of yourself.  We can call this your “Higher Self”. 

Our deepest aspiration as human beings is to consciously experience this state of Divine Oneness, to awaken to and identify with our Higher Self.  Why?  Because nothing can be more fulfilling than to be in the possession of Absolute Power and the Perfect Wisdom, Understanding and Love to wield that Power perfectly.

Whatever you desire, you desire the power to obtain it even more.  Why?  Because then it doesn't matter if you lose it or not.  You have the Power to accomplish whatever you desire in an absolutely perfect way.  You have that Power.  To experience it involves certain internal activities.

The first activity is to become clearly cognizant of the God you pray to, because the better you know God the better you know your self.

Notice, when you pray to God for what your heart desires, the qualities you imagine that God possesses.  You imagine the one you pray to as having the power to know what you are wanting with Perfect Understanding, and having the Power to grant your prayer.  So you imagine God possessing Perfect Understanding and Absolute Power.  Otherwise, you would not bother to pray to God for what you want.

You imagine God with the “know-how” or Wisdom to get the job done, and you imagine God with the loving kindness to care enough about you to grant your request.  You imagine God with the power to do Justice when you believe your request is fair and you imagine God with the power to create beauty and order in your life.

You imagine God with the power to grant you victory over any form or degree of challenge, adversity or opposition; with the power to ensure that you receive the respect and recognition you believe that you need.

You imagine God to be forever constant, to be present and reliable under all circumstances, anywhere and everywhere, at any time, even after death. 

You imagine God to have the power of Absolute Authority over the physical world, including physical health and financial conditions.

All of those attributes define your self.  Because God resides in you, as you, those divine qualities are your qualities.  To doubt it is to shut yourself out of the experience of Divine Oneness, an experience you crave at the deepest level.

To access those powers and experience their efficacy you merely need to accept them as yours in faith.  When you pray, address your prayer into your Self, directing your request to your self, to your divine self.  Imagine yourself as the divine power to grant you what you want, and the love of that self to work on your behalf and bring that outcome about.

Of course your logic will argue against the fact that you are an individualized expression of the One God.  You can say, “Prove it by jumping off a building without harm!” And you cannot do this.

But that is not how your God Self works.  Your God Self works through the imaginative feeling of and faith in its existence, location and efficacy.  You don't have to do anything but to trust the Power do it's work, and to follow its guidance as that guidance is revealed to you in the form of thought and feeling.

Whatever you desire, ask your self for it and trust in the God Power that is your Self to deliver it, without struggle, stress or strain. 

Watch your imagination to keep it free of thoughts that portray a reality that falls short of your objective for your God Self.  Imagination is the real language of prayer.  You ask your self for whatever you imagine.

Continue working your awareness into the feeling of your self as divine until your feeling of that self dawns.  It will.  And when you have that feeling you are delivered to a higher state of consciousness.  You know your self as you truly are and you know where God is and how God works.

You know fulfillment, peace, security, joy and love.  You experience the truth that sets you free from the bondage of fear.

Whenever you fear just trust your God Self to be in possession of all the wisdom and power you need to meet your every need with perfect finesse.

Envision what you desire and ask your self for it, trusting that your power will bring it to pass.

Would you like to know where God is? In the self that wants to know.

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