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Healing From Betrayal and Abandonment

The Path Of Spiritual Enlightenment And Liberation

When grief hurts most we feel betrayed and abandoned by life, by God.

Healing from betrayal and abandonment arrives with the realization that you are never really betrayed, forsaken or abandoned by life or by God.

Episodes of grief offer us the opportunity to learn how to navigate through life's radical shifts from an inner “space” of deeper inner peace.

Life's radical shifts “attack” our emotional attachments and reveal that we have been counting on what could not be counted on, relating to a condition as permanent and secure that was neither.

The lesson being offered is how to appreciate life's shiftable forms without the false expectation that the painful and the pleasurable are necessarily lasting.

We go through heartbreak when we have been falsely expecting a condition to continue that could totally change into its opposite at any instant.

Every pleasing condition is a temporary gift.  It lasts for a time and then it passes.  Learning how to appreciate what we appreciate without losing our anchor in the splendid reality of its impermanence means living with the constant joy of childlike trust and faith.

The spectrum of possibilities is endless, ranging from that which is beyond what you imagine as the most horrendous to that which is beyond what you imagine as the most miraculous, and those two endless ends of the spectrum of experience can and periodically do alternate drastically in an instant.

I know of one beautiful young family of four that seemed to have it all. The husband and wife were moving up the ladder of success and they had two wonderful children, ages 9 and 5.  They looked ecstatic the day that they moved into their new dream home.  During the house warming party a fire broke out.  The mother and daughter perished, the father and son survived, the son severely burned.  The home burned to the ground in 11 minutes.

When life looks ugly, like when my ex began conducting herself in a way that I reacted to with feelings of deep betrayal and abandoment; or like, on the anniversary of the day she informed me that our marriage was ending, I had to put down the dog whose pelvis had been crushed after being run over by a school bus, a one year old angel I had gotten to ease my children's transition through divorce, a dog who had loved to leap from his powerful hind legs – in times like this our response can be one of deep, terrified conflict with life, or deep compassion – compassion toward those who have suffered and are suffering, including ourselves, which is beautiful.

So there is a level of experience that you cannot reliably count on.  On this level you can achieve your most wonderful goals, and you can lose it all.  But there is a deeper level that you can count on.  You can learn how to live and create a beautiful life out of the ashes of loss in faith, peace, fulfillment, love and inspiration.  You can learn how to live in the endless good, true and beautiful that always is.

Fully orienting to reality, also called “spiritual enlightenment and liberation”, means learning to love fully, to appreciate fully, to engage fully in life without emotionally depending upon the forms of life that are really undependable.

The path to spiritual liberation and enlightenment involves becoming clearly aware of our expectations, to replace the false with the true.  This takes deep introspection, particularly during those episodes of feeling deep grief.

When you are experiencing shocking feelings of grief, loss, ugliness, betrayal or abandonment look within.  Examine how you are feeling and notice the thoughts that induce and feed the feeling.  And look for the deeper place of inner peace, security and faith underneath those feelings.  You have arrived when you have no fear of reality, not doubting that everything is going to be great even as the pendulum of possibilities swings from one extreme to the other. 

This is the path of healing from betrayal and abandonment.

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