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The Power Of Prayer

How My Prayers Come True And How Your's May Too

I don't know about you, but I have great reason to believe in the power of prayer.  My prayers come true.

I know that God is not my “errand boy”.  But I also know that the Power and Presence of God that dwells within me is my Infinite Source that is always on call, as long as I remain on call with It. 

Before praying for something that I desire to happen I look deep into my heart to know exactly what it is I truly want.  

If I feel the least bit conflicted or unsure about what I really, really want, I don't pray for it.   Maybe that's why my prayers come true.

Actually, one of my prayers uttered in deepest sincerity did not come true.  

It was a request that God guide a particular person to do something in particular that I thought would be in the best interest of my children.  

As soon as I prayed that prayer I could feel the inner circuit of communication between God and me literally break.  What followed was an inner message that said, basically, “No.”  I even received a brief explanation, too personal to share here.  

As painful as that denial of my request was, and it was incredibly painful, that "No" was still an amazing experience of God, among the most profound of my life and the only time I actually received a clear verbal, internal statement in response to a prayer.

Sometimes I'm “stopped” from praying for something that I want because I'm not quite sure that I don't already have it.  

Sometimes I'm stopped from praying for something because I sense that perhaps now is really a good time to be without it.

I rarely pray for my pain to go away, because I know from experience that pain is something to go through.  Pain is a teacher and a liberator.  It teaches me what I want and it sets me free from attachments to what or to whom I must leave or be without.  

Pain is something I'm learning to embrace, accept, allow and go through consciously to perceive exactly what is going on, the actual cause of my suffering and what is truly right to do about it.

Pain, including the most extreme pain, is an inevitable part of life on earth. When we resist it we resist it in vain.  And we need not resist it because pain brings its own blessings.  

There is no wisdom in seeking out pain, though, because relief from pain is just as benevolent.  Receiving what we desire blesses us and losing what we desire blesses us.  

It's all a blessing when we allow ourselves to go through what is with our hearts and minds and eyes wide open.

I'm always on the lookout within for feelings of resistance.  Feelings of resistance tell me when to not pray, or what to not pray for.  

Wisdom in life is all about what the ancient Greek mystery wisdom teachers described as “right measure” or "the Golden Mean".  There is a right measure for everything.  Too much or too little of this or that creates an imbalance that causes conflict, disruption, chaos, destruction.

For instance, if you take just the right amount of a medication you experience relief.  Take too little and the ailment continues.  Take too much and you make the ailment worse.

The power of prayer works like medicine and the principle of right measure applies here as well.  There is a time for praying for something and a time for trusting that my prayer has been received and the Divine Response is on its way.

To continue praying when I have prayed enough would be to keep myself from receiving what I am asking for, to resist the very thing that I am requesting, to keep myself locked in a state of lacking, wanting or needing.

Prayer, when done rightly, for me, is a Divine Experience of wholeness and unity with the infinite.


Prayer infuses me with the spirit, the energy, the feeling, the presence, the power of That to which I pray, giving me the feeling of my Infinite Source as being closer to me than I am to myself.

For me, experiencing the power of prayer is in and of itself consoling.  Sometimes my prayer involves no words, just wordless communion with the Divine Presence that I open up to within.  Through that opening I receive peace, fill with a sense of intimacy and feel safe, protected, cared for and provided for by Perfect Love.

Prayer is what I turn to when I have exhausted my own personal wisdom and really don't know how to proceed to satisfy the longing in my heart.  Sometimes I simply look at that longing and feel the Power of God's Presence looking at it too, and soon, inevitably, what I longed for arrives.

That's how the power of prayer works in my life.  My prayers come true.

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