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Free Yourself From Emotional Suffering

Mechanical emotional reactivity is a form of internal slavery that causes suffering and it's something we all do until we become aware of the mechanical nature of our emotional reactions.

As you gain freedom from this form of internal slavery you release within your consciousness the true inner peace that can be described as spiritual liberation, for it liberates the spirit of authentic inner joy.

To free yourself from the emotional suffering caused by mechanical emotional reactivity apply awareness.

Simply notice the mechanical nature of your emotional reactions when they happen.

Your automatic emotional reaction to something may be logical, it may make sense, but the automatic aspect of it still makes it mechanical and that makes you suffer.

You are not consciously choosing to feel, say, hurt and frustrated over another's misrepresentation of something that you said or meant.  That emotional reaction occurs automatically, robotically.  It happens to you, and then you buy into it and make it yours.

What if you did not have that mechanical emotional reaction?  

What if, say, when you see something happening that causes you to feel sad you did not have any emotional response at all?

I'm not talking about suppressing or covering up or resisting an emotional response.  I'm talking the freedom of having no automatic reaction.  What if you were not mechanical in that moment?  How would you feel?

You would feel free, harmonious and at peace at a deeper level than any emotional reaction can take you.  

You would experience the liberation being instead of the incarceration of reacting.  

When you react you are consumed by that reaction.  you are "self-stolen". When you are not reacting you are set free to be.

Internal freedom is a state of non-reactivity.  It is where we begin, before we learn all of our mechanical emotional reaction habits.  

To return to this pristine state authentic inner "selfhood", we need to earn it.  We earn it by working for it.

The work involves the practice of being intentionally aware of our mechanicalness moment by moment.  

Deliberately notice when you are automatically emotionally reacting, automatically speaking in a particular way, automatically thinking thoughts, and automatically doing something in a particular way.

You might notice how you pick up your fork without really thinking of it, and notice how you happen to be holding it.  

You might notice the way you automatically interrupt someone or disagree with what someone says, before you really have time to decide if you want to do that.  

You might notice when you are thinking of someone being a certain way without really intending to think of that person, without really making the conscious decision to use your time that way.  

You might notice when you automatically react with a feeling of hope, desire, disappointment, loneliness or despair and find yourself absorbed in that emotional state.

To notice when you are being mechanical requires an intentional act of focused awareness.  

Not deliberately paying attention to our mechanicalness is a mechanical state of attention.  We work against mechanicalness whenever we deliberately pay attention to mechanicalness.

The mechanical way is to be asleep to mechanicalness.  The way of liberation from living as a machine to living as a true, liberated being is through awakens of our mechanicalness.

We begin reversing our mechanicalness as we recognize when we are being mechanical.  

When you notice the mechanical nature of any reaction you are enter the freedom that you really want to be experiencing in the present moment.

Remember that freedom from mechanical reaction does not mean freedom from feeling.  It brings you the freedom to feel more fulfilled at a deeper level than any emotional reaction can take you.  

It brings you the experience of a state of pure liberation.   

Free yourself from the emotional suffering caused by mechanical emotional reactivity through awareness.

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