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You Can't Escape Suffering

So Suffer Wisely

You can't escape suffering, so suffer wisely. 

Because you are human you will make mistakes that will cause your suffering.

And because you are human you aspire to lead a higher life, and you must pass through suffering to reach that higher life.

So there is no point in resisting or trying to run from suffering.

There is no way to avoid suffering but there is a wise way to go through it for all of the great good that it can do.

Acceptance of conscious suffering without resistance is your doorway to the higher life you long for.

Scripture is replete with the wisdom of suffering.  Abraham, David and Jesus taught us how to suffer, and why.

Abraham's quest for oneness with Divine Will led him to the altar of sacrifice of his son, as that quest progressively demands release from all other attachments to make the ultimate act of submission.  He followed that path willingly as it unfolded.

David, like the rest of us, had to pay for his mistake.  He strayed from the path of righteousness by falling for a married woman to the point that he had her husband killed to free his way to be with her. Following that things started going wrong for him.  He understood the cause, his own transgression, and willingly accepted the reprisals of harsh fate as a purifying fire, knowing that when that fire came to an end he would be restored in grace, and so he was.

Jesus, like Abraham and David, took his path through excruciating suffering willingly, to fulfill his divine mission and thus achieved the ultimate, the very highest LIFE.

What these three examples teach us about suffering is clear: accept it, go through it willingly, for the good that it does.

Trust suffering.  Don't seek it for its own sake, but accept the perfect will behind it when it comes upon you. 

Instead of presuming it to be bad for you, trust in the good that is behind all that is and let it do it's work, which is always to take you to a higher level, the higher level that you ultimately desire to attain with all of your heart.

Everyone whose actions seem to cause you pain are channels through which the blessings that can only come from suffering come into your life.  Instead of blaming, attacking, or hating them, try being grateful to transmute your pain into the golden treasure it brings.

Suffering frees you to fulfill more of your true purpose and to live more of your greatest possible life.  Relate to suffering as a gift and the longer and stronger the suffering the greater the gift it delivers.

Your attitude toward the suffering makes all of the difference.  Assume the attitude that it is as precious as any experience you might treasure and it transforms into the most precious experience you desire.

When you suffer internally, emotionally, because you don't know how to fix things, to make them “right”, accept the suffering as right, and trust it to do the fixing that is required at this point.

Don't struggle to get out of suffering.  That is like struggling to get out of quicksand.  Give up the struggle and sink fully and consciously into the suffering, without trying to push it away.  And don't hold onto it.  Let it be and let it pass.  Let it be your fully conscious experience for as long as it lasts.

Conscious suffering is a form of purest prayer communicating to, and thereby uniting you with, the inner source of all realities.  In response all will reorganize around your need and align with what it is that you really desire until all is restored to a state of good, harmonious balance and order – a more heavenly state.

You can't escape suffering, but you can learn to suffer wisely.  Acceptance of suffering as a part of the good, with full awareness, without resistance, is your doorway to the higher life you long for.

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