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The Success Wisdom Of Going With The Flow… Against Action

Reunite With Your Divine Source

Go with the flow.  You've heard it before, but when the flow seems to be going against your ability to take action in the direction of your dreams coming true going with that flow can be scary.

I was in pain, and that blocked me from concentrating my full power on taking the actions I believed to be necessary for manifesting my dreams.  I had to take medication to relieve the pain, and that made me drowsy, which also blocked my power.

So I figured that “the flow” was going against action.  I had to learn how to trust not doing, just being at peace, without a fearful or angry thought.

It was time to liberate myself from
the mental slavery to action.

There was so much to be done and only limited freedom from pain or drowsiness to do it.  So I had to let go of the compulsion to do-do-do and learn how to entrust my life to the power of simply being in a state of rest, for only in that state did I feel free.

Taking action in fear of the consequences of not taking action means focusing on negative outcomes while living in a painful state of emotional bondage.  Any material rewards that may come from fearful action cannot relieve you of the fear, but only deepen your fear, driving you to work even harder to protect what you have and to turn it into more. 

This traps you in a never-ending treadmill of activity that increases your feeling of anxious, unhappy obligation, and decreases your sense of true liberation from the very fear you are trying to escape. 

As emotional pain intensifies it translates into mounting physical problems.  Sooner or later you will not be able to move and have nothing left to trust but just being.  So you might as well learn how trust being now, to the extent that “the flow” is going against your ability to take action.

Giving up attachment to goals is sometimes the most productive way of moving toward your goals.

No matter how much you want what you want you will continue facing opposition to achieving it as long as it is not aligned with your true mission in life.  Opposition is a sign that you are heading in the wrong direction.

Of course sometimes a major push against resistance can make a breakthrough, but sometimes that does not work, and sometimes you lack the energy to make that hard of a push.

When you feel blocked from taking action, give up your struggle for a while and just look within.  See if you can let go of what you want for yourself to sincerely ask God, “What is it that You want for me and from me?”

After you ask that question, align your intention with fully cooperating with the answer, and wait watchfully.  Wait for the answer to come to you and watch for the answer's arrival.

The sign that it is the right answer is the feeling deep within you of total congruence with who you truly are.  You will know that it is divine intention because it feels absolutely aligned or consistent with your own true ultimate intention.  You will feel clearly that there is no other way to be truly true to yourself but to do it.  It aligns with your conscience.

An important aspect of the success wisdom of going with the flow, then, is learning how to go with the flow against action.

All the opposition that you ever face in life is directing you toward this “place” of retreat to reunion with your divine source, where you find out what is truly meant for you to do, to accomplish and to become.

And when you are on that path, there is no opposition; only open doors.

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