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Access The Power Of Purpose

Answering The Question: What Is The Meaning Of It All


When you learn how to access the power of purpose, at will, here is one thing that you learn.  You lose only what you need to let go of.  You lack only what you are better off without.


The power of purpose, which no loss or lack can really take from you, liberates you from the experience of loss and lack, and from the fear of going through those negative conditions.  It liberates you to overflowing fulfillment that can be described as life more abundant.  This causes your life to reflect that state of greater abundance in various forms and you automatically contribute to that liberation in others.


You access the power of purpose when you feel fulfilled, when you feel life's meaningfulness. 


There are moments in life when everything lines up in a way that gives you that state of inner harmony.  It may hit you while you are looking at your child's smiling eyes.  It may fill you after you make love to the one you love.  It may be arise within you while you you are composing a song, when you have created order in your home, or the moment you receive a big bonus check. 


Because we have this joyful, empowering experience of purpose-fulfillment in these special moments we presume that we must have such moments to feel that fulfilled.  But this demonstrates a misunderstanding of the purpose behind such moments.


Accurate understanding of the purpose behind these moments is related to understanding of the purpose of their passing. 


Those magical moments are momentary.  You meet someone that you believe is perfect for you.  She's available for a moment.  Then she's gone.


The fulfillment outer conditions bring is permanently temporary.  The next moment conditions change.  Everything you want turns into everything you don't want. No condition that you count on for your fulfillment can remain as your constant support.  It comes and goes.   


Here's why.  Those positive gifts of bliss that come when life's circumstances line up to make beautiful sense give us a taste of what we are capable of delivering to ourselves, unconditionally, more and more of the time, by deliberately accessing the power of our purpose. Those beautiful moments pass to teach us to not depend upon external circumstances for that fulfillment we desire so deeply.


Some learn from the passage of beautiful moments to live pessimistically, to resist the beautiful feelings that come during those brief moments when life lines up with our desires.  They miss the point and lead lives that feel pointless.


The purpose of the coming and going of magical moments is your liberation.  Liberation from what?  Liberation to what?  Liberation from those internal reactions reaction patterns that cause you to feel loss, lack and fear. Liberation to your power to live in the constant joy of unconditional purpose-fulfillment.


To experience the fulfillment of purpose, focus your attention on your deepest intention.  Look within for the idea of what it is that you are deeply determined to bring about, to achieve, to accomplish.  When you direct your attention toward this internal feeling of intention, you are beginning to set yourself free from loss, lack and fear.


Whey you know what you intend to achieve, feel the sense of total commitment to achieving it.  Purpose is about production.  Your purpose is not to have someone give you what you want, it is to call upon all of your internal power to produce the condition you desire.


You are doing this correctly when you feel a sense of empowerment, inspiration, commitment, and liberation.  You are not looking for rescue.  You are happy working on your purpose.  In any situation, under even the most painful circumstances, you can do this work. 


The more tempted you are to dwell on thoughts that cause you to feel disempowered, unhappy, helpless and dependent the more strength you gain by resisting that temptation and remaining focused on fulfilling your innermost intention.


Think about what it is you really want to accomplish most in your life.  That's your purpose.


Accessing the power of purpose is really just a matter of mastering the focus of your attention.  Look within at the idea of what you intend to do.  When you are looking at the right thing, you feel that alignment that we call purpose fulfillment.  It's also called getting into the zone.


As you remain focused on what you intend to achieve you will receive ideas, inspirations, inner nudges and outer opportunities to take some kind of action in line with what you want to achieve.  You know those actions are right for you because they feed your soul in the doing of them.  You feel empowered, inspired, on track as you do them.


Here are 3 steps for harnessing the power of purpose:

1 Direct attention to the idea of what you want to accomplish

2 Direct your attention to the feeling of being totally committed to accomplishing it

3 As ideas, inspirations or intuitions occur that suggest actions you can take for what you want, take those that feel right (that make you feel empowered, strengthened, aligned, inspired in the doing of them).   


Precious things come and precious things go to teach us to more fully and consistently deliver ourselves to the empowering inner harmony of purposeful living that feels like we truly have it all.

Inspire your group, school, business, association or any other organization by helping them live in the zone of purposeful living through meaningful goal achievement.

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