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Harness Unstoppable Will Power

To Achieve Your Most Important Goals

Here is the single "secret key" of the highest goal achievers.  They consistently say that  they were able to accomplish what they did was because they so strongly willed it to be.  To achieve what you want most to achieve in your life, harness unstoppable will power do it.

Accessing the power of will at the highest level begins with trusting that through your will you can access the power that can do all things.  If you doubt that you can do this, try suspending the doubt, because limited expectations limits your ability.  Just be open to the possibility that there is no limit to what the power of deepest will within you can do.

 To help you in this endeavor you might affirm to yourself:  Within me is the will that can instantly produce whatever condition I choose to materialize.  

 To then apply that will, feel your will to determine whatever specific goal or outcome you choose. The more important that goal or outcome is to you, the easier it is to will it into existence, because the depth of your desire determines the strength of your determination that you can connect with.

 Your will summons forth the power to determine what happens to you.  The deeper and stronger your will, the more quickly things change in line with it.  When all of your might flows into your will to determine a condition you become like the mother who was able to lift up an automobile to save the life of her child.

 Whatever you fear the most gives you the ability to will the most.  When your back is up against the wall will the change you want to make.  Will it with the deepest sense of total commitment and intention you can experience.  When you are willing at this level there is no thought, doubt or worry that can distract you.  You are single-pointed in your focus, becoming like a lazar beam that can penetrate all things.

 Don't worry about what will be.  Will what you want to be.

Your will connects you with Divine Will, the unlimited, absolute power will that cannot be denied.  The more deeply you will something to be, the more Divine Determination works through that will, and the more quickly and easily what you intend comes into being.

Right now will with all your might one condition that is very important to you.  Intend it to occur here and now, trusting that instant materialization really is possible to this will.  Imagine as you do this that you connect with the energy of Divine Will to make it so.  

 Will is the spark of Divinity within you. The more deeply you will something to be the bigger and brighter that spark glows and grows, empowering your willwith the power of total and unstoppable determination.

Shift from fear to will when you feel desperate about what will happen to you. Shift into the feeling-state of willing with all the energy within you what it is that you intend to happen.  Live in the state of will instead of fear, instead of letting your mind and power idly drift, instead of passively wondering about what will be, instead of coasting through your life wanting and waiting for something to happen.

Don't hope something will be; will it to be.  Think of the condition you want and affirm, Absolute will determines this condition to be right now. Don't just think or mouth these words; feel the reality they represent in the depths of your being.

 Trusting in the power of your absolute will demonstrates the faith referred to in the Bible that heals sickness, cures blindness, lets disabled legs walk, parts the sea, raises the dead and can move a mountain.

 Practice living in the feeling of every ounce of your energy flowing through your will that what you want to happen is now. When you engage a will this deep, it is no longer personal will, but Divine Intention that is working in your life.  Livein that state of will, imagining more and more power flowing through it.  Do this until the condition manifests; not weakening over time, but strengthening.

Use your imagination to empower your will more and more and more.  With the condition you want to manifest in mind, affirm, My will to manifest this condition grows stronger and deeper continuously.  It flows with more and more absolute power.  And is Divine in nature.   

With your goal in mind, affirm: This condition comes about right now through the sheer power of my intention for it to do so.  State this over and over to help you to live in the feeling of certainty regarding what you will more and more deeply.

To will at the deepest level is really the purest form of prayer.  It guards you from fear.  It guards you from wavering. It harnesses your full power to take charge of your life, which fulfills the purpose of your life.

 It seems that everything that happens to us happens to lead us toward realizing that for our life to go the way we really, most deeply want it to go we need to connect with the unstoppable will power to make our life so.  Living in will makes us fully human, fully alive and fully ourselves.  The deeper, stronger, more committed our will to bring something about, the more truly and totally we are living our life. 

Ignite determination in your audience with an empowering, inspiring keynote of harnessing unstoppable will power to achieve the greatest goals. 

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