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The New Path Of Success

Spiritual Wisdom For Higher Success


There is a new path to success that is dawning in people's consciousness around the world.  It is intimately spiritual.

Fall in love with your inner source.


Move beyond the need for demonstration.


This is the whole new approach to success that I've discovered.  It's not new to the world, but it is to me, and I know that it is spreading.


I've spent many years focusing on manifesting the conditions I intend, including career, income and relationship goals. I achieved success and I've seen that success dissolve like a clump of sugar in a hot cup of tea.


I experienced enthusiasm when it looked like what I sought was on its way and despair when it looked like it was slipping away.

My emotions went up and down as people and things I wanted came and went, and even when they came I found myself stressing out about losing them, or stressing over the need to create more for security.  I started losing interest in the desperation that came with feeling dependent upon external conditions. I sensed deep down that there was a better way to live.


Then I discovered what had been the missing link to my feeling of true success and happiness.


I realized that I had been placing the cart before the horse by looking to externals to provide me with the feelings of success, fulfillment and security I craved at the most basic levels of my being.


I learned to shift my perspective from relying on external demonstrations for success to expanding and deepening my appreciation for my internal, spiritual source, that I call God.


God is the infinite power that is always with me, always in me, always in love with me, always for me.  I appreciate God as my internal source for everything.


When I consciously relate with that source I experience the feeling of the world losing its power over me.  I need fear no human being, no possible circumstances.  This perfect, all-powerful, loving source is always with me, always in me, always for me.  I call this relationship the foundation-relationship in life.


I don't have to struggle to force and manipulate people to do what I want because my inner source sees to it that my success and fulfillment are assured.  And I don't have cow-tow to anyone because they are not and can never be my true source.


As I live in conscious appreciation and loving oneness with this inner source I feel deep fulfillment and profound faith.  I know that the external forms of my life must match or reflect the total love that I experience within this internal relationship with my source.


Life is just the out-picturing of our inner relationship with our spiritual source.


I've learned that true success is achieving an ever deeper, conscious, loving relationship with my inner, spiritual source, for this is the source of my true inner peace, joy, love and fulfillment in life. 


It is tempting to be lured by the outer trappings of success and significance in the world, and to desperately strive for them and cling to them as our true sources of fulfillment, but falling for this lure just sends us off course, into increasing feelings of neediness, helplessness, powerlessness, and feelings of loss.


The trick to higher success is remaining focused on your relationship with your inner source as external conditions that reflect your success and fulfillment come and go. 


There is no person that can save you or take you to your next higher level in life.  As you deepen your loving relationship with your internal source, experiencing more and more love and appreciation for the infinite love and appreciation this source demonstrates for you, the people that can help you automatically show up.


When you feel secure because your relationship with your inner source feels so loving, you stop hoping for external symbols of success.  You know that they are coming and that they are not really real.  They are merely mirror images of the real success of bonding with your inner source more and more deeply.


Make it your intention to become more and more aware, on a feeling level, of your relationship with your internal, spiritual source; with the presence of God within you.  Practice relating directly to it, not with pleading, but just with a warm acceptance of its all-powerful, all-loving presence within you.


Cultivate a totally trusting, loving, appreciative attitude toward that inner presence as being your ever-present and all-perfect protector, guide and provider.  It's trusting in this source, implicitly, through the appearance of the thick-and-thins of life, that brings real fulfillment and the ever-present, growing feeling of true success.


The new path of success is inward, toward a deeper, more conscious, constant and loving relationship your inner source.  When you feel absolutely confident in, appreciative of and grateful to that source you already know the fulfillment of your every desire and need and your outer circumstances have no choice but to reflect that.

It is my mission to transform leadership and their teams into this mindset.

 My engaging keynotes shift perspectives for a whole new spiritual path to success. This is the direction of understanding the world is moving in. Let's ride the leading edge together. 

Email me to set up a time to chat over the phone or via Skype to discuss your keynote speaker needs. 

I also provide in-depth coaching to individuals and small groups and teams to help you to make the shift at deeper and more consistent levels.


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