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The Spiritual Secret Of Financial Success

"In God We Trust."

The spiritual secret of financial success has been concealed in the most obvious place.  It's on every dollar bill you've ever handled.

Think about what the phrase on every single dollar means: In God we trust. 


It doesn't just say, Trust in God.  It says, In God we trust. 


What does it mean to be in God, and to trust from that location?


The only way to truly be in God is to be of God.  So that "location" is really a state of being.

To trust from that state means to allow yourself to experience the feeling and knowing of giving your life to God's Perfect Control.


To trust in God is to trust  the Almighty Power of the universe being in charge of your life.  It means to surrender.  It means to trust perfectly in the way that life unfolds.


There is nothing to struggle for, nothing to acquire, nothing to guard against or to ward off.  Nothing and no one to desire when you truly trust that it is all perfectly handled. 


This doesn't mean going into a passive state.  It means going into a Divinely Guided state, and to take action from there.

Here is one action to take in your consciousness. Once you feel that sense of surrender in perfect trust within your self, feel and imagine  that trust expanding into the lives of every other human being, feeling and knowing that there is nothing they need struggle for or guard against. 

As you share this trust from your knowing heart you help everyone release from the struggle that repels their experience of more order, love, peace, and joy in their lives.  This is the greatest gift that you can give them, and based on the law of reciprocity, this gift must result in more of what you are giving coming back to you.

As you live more and more in that state of fulfillment that comes with entrusting your life to life, fulfillment expands steadily in your consciousness and you have even more of it to share with others.  This is the source of real, growing joyfulness.


Whatever you place your attention on expands in your experience.  Place your attention on the experience of the feeling of all-sufficiency that comes with entrusting your life  to God, to life, to reality and you experience more and more of that fulfillment.


So there are two basic ways to increase your experience of the increasing abundance of all-sufficiency.  One is to focus your attention on the feeling of the experience within your own consciousness. The other is by feeling and imagining that you are sharing this experience with all others. 


Our life-conditions have no choice but to reflect of our state of consciousness. 

When you dwell in the all-sufficient experience of surrendering  control of your life to the Infinitely Loving, Infinitely Intelligent Power of God that you really do exist in, the out-picturing of your life must reflect that with increasing abundance in all areas of your life.


However, the moment you pursue any form of abundance directly, it vanishes like the mirage that it is, because you are then coming from a state of lack-consciousness.


The moment you experience a feeling of wanting anything or anyone or anything at all to happen, you are causing the loss of that thing or that person or that event, because your state of consciousness is then one of wanting or lacking or needing.  


Money and sales and clients and better performing teams and more loving companionship and better health do not come from chasing after them, but from relinquishing the chase by living in the feeling of all-sufficiency that expands as we trust in the Infinite Love and Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power of the Almighty that we are of.


The whole secret to financial success is written right there on that single dollar bill.

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