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Why Only Some Prayers Seem To Come True

There is a very good reason why some prayers seem to come true and many others don't.


It's rooted in the principle that Divine Perfection rules the universe.  Based on this principle you are always receiving exactly what is perfect for you to receive and you don't have a thing to worry about. 

This means that you really don't have a thing to pray for either, because it is all already handled for you.  The cause of our anxiety and stress is discounting or distrusting this principle and believing that we have to rely on our own power of control to keep things going in the right direction.  Nothing could be more futile and nothing could be further from the truth.


If life is perfect, you ask, Then why don't all of our prayers come true?  To help us understand the reason for this let's first look at why some prayers do seem to come true. 


Our prayers seem to come true when we pray from a feeling of deep alignment with who we truly are.  In this deep state of core-connection with our selves we can feel what is truly best for us.  

The reason our prayers from this level come true is because we are experiencing the harmony that Divine Love is sending our way. 

That which is truly needed is always coming to you.  When you pray from awareness of what is truly needed you are in agreement with the beautiful direction things are destined to go.


When our prayers do not seem to come true it is because we are asking for something that would actually dis-serve us at an intrinsic level if it were to happen. 


When we pray very consciously we can feel it when there is a disconnect between what we are asking for and what would really fit.  We can feel a subtle sense of forcing or pushing the issue.  We can tell that we are praying outside of that inner space of true feeling and knowing of the beautiful demonstration of Divine Love that is meant to be.


When we receive what we pray for it is because we slipped into agreement with the Omniscient and Omnipotent Power of Perfect Love that rules our lives.  We sort of read God's Will, as it were.


Praying for particular outcomes is actually risky because it can reinforce our fear more than our faith and strengthen our belief in the possibility of lack and imperfection.  This can then manifest discordant physical conditions consistent with those internal states of mental and emotional strife.  


Far more fulfilling and rewarding is to wholeheartedly surrender in utter trust to the inevitable perfection of what is, was and will be. This involves opening your feelings to Divine Love, which works in support of producing the harmonious physical conditions that express the perfect order of that Love. 

As such wonderful conditions occur without our even asking for them we then experience the deeply gratifying, even heavenly sense of our prayers coming true.

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