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Practical Applications Of Spiritual Enlightenment

After receiving my BA in English and Education, feeling that for me formal education was a sham, and while others were pursuing a path of higher education to achieve a life of higher success, significance, security and fulfillment, I followed my calling to pursue the path of Spiritual Enlightenment.


I read everything about spiritual enlightenment that I could get my hands on, and studied closely, one-on-one with a spiritual teacher for several years. 

When I had what I call my first awakening I felt like a different person entirely, changed my name, moved across the country and began doing my work as a spiritual wisdom teacher, counselor and author.  I've been doing that work ever since.  That was nearly three decades ago.


I made my next major shift into awakening following what I experienced as a gruesome divorce, where I literally felt myself dying of a broken heart.  I knew that going through so much pain would present me with a benefit, a blessing, of equal or greater value, and that is exactly what happened. 

I faced the terrors of losing my whole life and sense of personal identity and saw no way out of the pain but to completely surrender my life, because it was leaving anyway.  I eventually found a teacher who led me through the process of dying consciously to the world (only to discover that it had been imaginary anyway) and awoke in the spiritual world, where the Soul resides before, during and after incarnation. 

I continue the joyful practice of dying daily as part of my spiritual discipline to remain in that world and live there more and more fully all the time.


As those who have crossed death's threshold and returned to tell the tale, in agreement with the reports of those who have achieved enlightenment down through the ages, in this realm you learn that experiences of emotional distress are caused by slipping into an imaginary drama. 

We feel lured to go into that imaginary drama because we were programmed to do so during our childhood, as the people around us modeled that way of living for us.


Without realizing it we slip into that imaginary drama whenever we worry, whenever we feel discouraged or unhappy, whenever we feel inadequate, betrayed, resentful or disappointed. 

With discipline we can keep ourselves out of that imaginary drama world more and more consistently, and keep our attention focused on the real spiritual world in which we truly exist.


In the real spiritual world we have no problems, nothing can go wrong, everything is perfect and everything works out splendidly. 

We feel total, loving compassion and appreciation for ourselves, for everyone else, and for the gift of being itself.  We live in a flow of total abundance and need never feel concerned about support for ourselves, for our loved ones, for anyone else. 

We give of ourselves fully through our gifts and talents and live in inspiration, and we know that what we provide is of ultimate value to everyone, to the whole of creation.


In the spiritual world we realize that the only valid emotion to feel is joy, joy over the perfection of all that is, joy for the unconditional love of the Divine that always supports and guides us. 

We feel the joy of complete surrender to the loving, infinitely intelligent guidance and support of the Divine in all things.  We are led by the Divine and cease the need to struggle for control to keep things right or to make things right, because we know, trust and love the fact that everything cannot help but be right.


Challenging situations are really just events that trigger our tendency to go into  imaginary visions of tragedy.  They therefore give us the opportunity to resist that temptation and so to strengthen our anchoring into the real world of love, joy and perfection.


It is from this perfect world that we provide our most valuable service to others, and do so with a heart filled with joy, love, and contentment. 

It is from this world that we receive all that everyone seeks through other channels to no avail: loving companionship, meaningful career that is highly valued and a source of  inspiration, all of the material means we need, and all of the experiences that increase our fulfillment and fulfill our greater potential for the benefit of all.


The path of spiritual enlightenment leads us into REALITY, the only place that real success, significance, security and fulfillment are experienced. I invite you to join me there.  Come on in, the water is fine!

If you are interested in an inspiring keynote, in-depth training seminar or in-depth coaching on the practical applications of spiritual enlightenment, and guidance  on that journey email me to set up a time to chat via phone or Skype.

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