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The Purification Of Consciousness

The purification of consciousness has to do with release of the resistance to the cosmic process, to the flow of life, to reality.  This resistance is the sole cause of internal feelings of strife and emotional suffering.  As consciousness purifies suffering is lost and blissful peace, harmony, love, joy and contentment arise within.

What must consciousness be purified of?  Primarily, it must be purified of, or set free from our attachment to thought.  Not-thinking might seem like an easy price to pay for the transformation of suffering into bliss.  Once one tries to achieve this state of purification or freedom, though, it feels like letting go of everything and everyone in person’s life, including that one’s cherished concepts of self, including all that one desires and believes that he or she really, really needs. 

Letting go of everything and everyone, including who one wants to be, means letting go of thought, because it is only in thought that we believe that we can hold onto anything or anyone, including the person we want to believe that we are.

While the universe is hard at work to bring us everything that we desire, we eventually discover that all that comes is passing away, and there is not a thing we can do to keep things the way we want them to be.  We all seem to have to learn this lesson “the hard way”, by facing loss, disappointment and desolation on the heels of our every gain, triumph and celebration of success.  As soon as you receive what you desired you discover that, in reality, it includes problematic aspects that you did not expect.  Those brief moments of “perfection” are replaced by a confrontation with disappointment.  This happens again and again until all hope is dashed.  With the dashing of hope comes the realization that inspired such great works of dark and brooding genius as, The Wasteland by T.S. Elliot, and Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row and Dylan’s more recent, Duquesne Whistle.

Before you jump to the conclusion that there is something going wrong in the universe because all worldly pursuits lead you to King Solomon’s cry “All is vanity”, consider what is going on at a deeper level.  What is going on is the prompting of the purification of consciousness.  When you lose hope relative to getting your desires satisfied by any condition that the world seems to promise, you can also discover that you can get along very nicely without that hope.  You can learn how to let go of what you have discovered you cannot have, and in that letting go discover all the joy and fulfillment that the world falsely promised to deliver.

This is not easy.  It involves movement through the deepest heartbreak and the utter shattering of the ego, the loss of all pride as hubris burns away.  The realization that you do not need what you believed you needed involves passing through a kind of nightmare where you believe at the core of your being that you really do need what you are being deprived of, including your health, your looks, your family, your fortune, your accomplishments, your friends… all of it.

As you learn how to let go you learn how to live in peace, love, joy, harmony and absolute contentment more and more of the time, unconditionally, in states of expanding and strengthening fulfillment.  While popular metaphysical channels and gurus and motivational evangelists promise you health, wealth, companionship and first class travel around the world, what they leave out is that nothing in this world will prove satisfactory to you; that your genuine satisfaction waits until you can find it in every condition, because in this world only appearances change, but not the essential reality of what is going on.  These so-called “self-empowerment” guides inspire you to think positive and go after your desires full throttle, and anyone who fully applies these teachings does discover victory.  But in their victory they discover their defeat (“You’ll find out when you reach the top, you’re on the bottom” Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind) as they realize that what they went after was a mere chimera, bringing deeper heartache and pain than the initial blast of pleasure and pride fleetingly enjoyed.  You cannot outrun yourself and you cannot outrun reality.

The crushing sense of disappointment and failure is waiting behind whatever door you choose to go through for worldly happiness and pride.  When we experience this over and over and over again we finally get to the point of losing so much that we just don’t want anymore.  It is at this point of abysmal loss that we are ready for the way to true liberation that occurs through the purification of consciousness.

Letting go of thought and letting yourself live in relaxation, inner harmony and peaceful joy in the present purifies consciousness and frees you to live with, instead of against, the cosmic process, the flow of life, reality, the universe.  It liberates your spirit, your soul, to the joy and peace that is beyond understanding. 

When you think you are using thought in a futile effort to hold onto control of life.  This creates the inner turmoil of struggle that generates a state of emotional suffering within.  You can use all of your might to manifest a condition and have it manifest, only to find that it turns into puff of smoke that you cannot hold onto.  What you went after was always an illusion.  The mind cannot present you with a goal that will be what you hope it will be.  You have to let go of the mind to experience all you want right now.  This act of letting go is the purification of your consciousness.

In my coaching I help individuals through the purification process, and liberate the joy of living WITH life in my inspirational keynotes. Contact me to set up a time to discuss how I can help you.

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