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God Speaks In Your Heart

God speaks in your heart.  You are not lost.  You need not concern yourself with questioning what you are to do.  Turn your life over to God.  Those who are not ready to do this need to proceed as the one in control until they are. They will be.  There is no way to work everything out other than allowing by God to work it out.

We can interfere with God.  We do this when we block God out.  It is our free will to do so.  We block God out when we try to work it all out with our personal will.  We do this because we want the credit for making things happen that we want to happen, but all that this brings is the feeling of blame for the way things don’t work out.  This continues until we recognize the futility of our personal efforts and awaken to the presence of the Divine Light of Truth within our heart.  Then, as we turn our lives over to this Divine Light of Truth we find that we are already happy and at peace and that everything does in fact work out perfectly.

It appears in the outer world that there are those who dedicate themselves to personal control, and who take the credit for things working out so well in their lives.  So we strive to emulate them, though they know not that any trace of beauty that comes about in their circumstances or creations results from the flow of the Divine streaming through their heart, into their life.  They think they are favored by God, not realizing that this attitude cinches their heart against the flow of God, shutting down the beauty in their lives.

We who have given up on this way of the personal begin our surrender after feeling like personal failures.  We have recognized the futility and our personal efforts to create conditions we desire.  There is a Power flowing through us that creates unlimited beauty as naturally as night turns into day.  It handles everything perfectly.  It is the energy of Grace.  When we stop judging ourselves, stop puffing ourselves up and putting ourselves down, and simply submit to the free flow of this Power through our hearts, we experience Grace.  We are set free of all cares and concerns, all fears and attachments.  We all in love with the Divine Grace of our Beloved Source.

This is an act of true humility.  It involves laying aside the sense of the personal self and its need to be built up in importance.  We lay that self down because we can feel it to be a hindrance to the Divine Flow in our hearts.  How do we lay it down, this false, personal concept of ourselves? 

One must awaken to the realities of internal experience.  One must look within until one clearly sees the distinction between the personal self and the Divine Flow.  Just as your eyes gradually adjust to a dimly lit room, your inner eye, your internal consciousness, will gradually perceive what is going on in you.

The shortcut to this process is opening up to all of your internal suffering.  Facing every bit of pain within you, and laying it bare to the Divine Love and Light in your heart gradually dissolves the pain and admits the Divine Love and Light to stream more freely through you.  This is far from easy.  It involves willingly going through all of the internal suffering, all of the emotional pain that you have up to this point spent your life trying (in vain) to avoid.  It means walking into those situations that cause you the most pain and opening up to the pain until the pain is dissolved, rather than trying to run from those situation for less pain and more pleasure.

We human beings are here to give the Divine voice through our lives.  As we do this we fulfill our spiritual purpose and potential on this earth.  As we resist it we create one problem after another for ourselves, even as it seems that everyone else is at fault.  We pride ourselves on our apparent ascents in life until our falls bring us back down to our senses, without defenses.  We find that no one is favored by the Divine, no matter how their lives may look, and no matter how much pride they take in the splendors of their experience.  In the act of blocking out the Divine Light there is fear, unhappiness, confusion and a closing off to the fulfillment all seek.

In turning our life over to the Divine there is peace that does not cease.  There is certainty.  There is joy.  But make no mistake about it; this involves a skill.  It is not done by simply trusting that God will take care of you and will satisfy your every desire.  It requires clarity of awareness to distinguish when the personal self is really in charge, and when that self is being bloated or broken by false beliefs in its superiority.  This is a highly demanding inward path of exploration that must be trod with the utmost dedication and humility.  Unfortunately, one is ready to follow this path only after all else fails so miserably that the very will to go on living is lost.  The ego, the personal sense of self, must be crushed by the hard knocks of experience before one is ready to give up on its ability to control, to give up on its ability to experience lasting happiness and fulfillment.

The Divine Light is ever-present in every one of us.  It is all that we all really long for.  As we awaken to this Light and learn how to cooperate with It consciously, we turn our full power over to It until we realize that in Truth we are that Light, that Love, that Energy of Divine Grace.

In my phone-coaching using The Method I guide individuals through the inner journey that awakens us to the Divine Light of Grace, and I support their full cooperation with that Love and Light.  If you would like to discuss how these sessions can work for you, feel welcome to contact me to set up a time for a phone conversation.

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