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Happy Dentists Live From Fulfillment, Not For Fulfillment

Dentists tend to be among the most distressed of the professionals.  But the key to their stress-free happiness applies to everyone.

Why is it that we slip into frustrated states of agitation that produce our unhappiness?  The single, simple answer has to do with an interesting false assumption.

We assume that we need to do something for fulfillment.  This really places the cart before the horse.  When you live for fulfillment you live from a discontented state.  You live under the false assumption that you have to do something, control someone, make something else happen to feel happy.  This mindset means that you not only accept states of unhappiness in the meantime, but that you believe you must be unhappy to find fulfillment!

When you live for fulfillment you live from a discontented state.

When we look at the facts plainly like this our choice seems pretty ridiculous.  The real culprit here is unconsciousness.  We are unconscious that we are making the choice to be unhappy!

You doubt that you are making that choice?  Sure, you can justify the stress that prevents you from being happy.  You can point to an overloaded daily schedule, to patients having to wait too long for your services, to a room that isn't prepped properly, to a staff member who ignores your directions or chats inappropriately in front of patients.  

But all this justification does is give you an excuse to continue making yourself miserable in the moment, and it blinds you to the fact that unhappiness is a choice.

Think of things differently.  Think of living from fulfillment rather than for fulfillment.  When you live from fulfillment you are already experiencing an inner state of peace and joy that permits you to express your love and really enjoy your day.  The primary obstacle to this is the belief that we cannot experience fulfillment until something outside of us changes.  This makes us feel like a victim and perpetuates our unhappy state.

Seeking outer change for inner fulfillment ultimately leads to disillusionment because we must eventually realize that our outer circumstances can never provide lasting inner fulfillment in reaction.  The reaction of fulfillment never lasts and rarely arrives.

When you approach your day with a commitment to come from a state of stress-free fulfillment, the day flows more smoothly and you discover that it was not what was happening to you that caused your stress, but how you chose to react to what was happening.

Living in the fulfillment of a stress-free state develops through practice, just like you dental skills need continual practice to be as sharp as they can be.  Start using those daily instances when you feel tempted to let yourself get stressed out to practice handling the situation with more peace and poise.

The more you practice living and working from a state of fulfillment the stronger your center of peace will grow and the happier you will be.  You will find that you can continue working on improving your practice and achieving your goals, but without the misery that takes the meaning out of success. You can create the successful practice that you are working for and thoroughly enjoy the journey. 

Great Team Building For Happiness-Centered Dental Practices:

Bob Lancer provides leadership development coaching via phone and video conferencing, as well as staff team building for great teamwork, office morale and patient experience-referrals.  These inspiring meetings create a happiness-centered practice that provides superior service requiring less work-time for dentists and delivering more profits.  

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