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Peace, Poise, Power: Keys To Direct Your Life

Peace, poise and power are keys to use to direct your life.

Something wonderful happens when you begin to practice deliberately maintaining your peace and poise.  You begin to discover that you really can have command over your internal experience.  You discover that you do not have to react with resentment, frustration, impatience, insecurity, overwhelm and discouragement.  You discover that your frictions with other people melt away.

And you discover something else.  When you lose your peace and poise you lose your power.  Think about your power for a moment.  What would you like to do with it?  You want your power to produce the results you want in life.  For instance, you want your dental practice to match your vision for it.  You want your dental team to communicate well together.  You want to perform your dental procedures accurately.  You want your patients to feel secure, cared about, happy and satisfied with your dental practice.

You have the power to move things in those directions.  While you cannot control every factor impacting you and your dental practice, you do have power and you have the potential to direct that power to work on your objectives.  The best you can do is to direct your power efficiently.

Let's think about something else that you want.  You want to feel good.  You don't want to go through the day feeling unhappy, weighed down by problems and demands.  You want to enjoy your work, your day, your life.

What takes you out of these good feelings?  You lose control of your power and it flows into disturbing, internal emotional reactions.

When you practice maintaining your peace and poise intentionally in the midst of whatever is going on, you gain the freedom to direct your power where you want it to go and to keep it from flowing into states you don't want to suffer with.

When you get caught up in any emotionally reactive state, that state is stealing your power.  The fact is that every emotional state that arises in you, like every thought you think, every word you say and every action you take, takes your energy, your power.  This is why strong angry reactions leave us feeling so drained.

Take a bottle of water and aggressively shake it up.  See all that turbulence?  That turbulence, as you know, indicates energy at work.  What happens when you stop shaking the bottle?  The water settles down into its natural state of stasis.  No more energy is being burned up the bottle's inner churning.

The same is true with your emotional state.  When your inner churning stops your power is no longer being used to perpetuate the churning.  The state of peace and poise preserves your power in a harmonious state of being.  In that state you are not wasting your energy on emotional states that bring you pain; you are conserving your power to create the conditions you want in life.

Typically our emotional reactions seem to be controlled by outer events, making us feel like victims.  A patient comes in late.  A bill goes unpaid. Your hygienist comes off rudely to a patient.  You look at your schedule and it is very light for the day or the waiting room is backing up as one of your dental procedures is requiring more time to complete proficiently.  In reaction to each event you suffer an internal reaction consisting of some degree of uncomfortable emotional stress.  Each of these reactions steals you power, and your power is all you have for creating the practice and the life that you want.

You either direct your power or your emotional state, your practice, and your life spin out of control. Every negative emotional reaction, however slight, consumes some of the power you have for directing your life. 

We don't have to feel like a reactive victim of what happens.  By remembering to practice maintaining your peace and poise in the midst of whatever you are facing, you can enjoy more calm confidence and have more power to intelligently and effectively direct your practice and your life. When you lose your peace and poise you lose your power.

Just as you perfect your dental skills through practice, by practicing maintaining your peace and poise in those instances that used to trigger you off, your ability to be in command of your internal state and your power will grow stronger.  The more you do it, the better you'll do.

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