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Master The Abundance Attitude

Most people don't realize that whether they live in loss, lack and scarcity or limitless abundance on all levels is entirely their choice.


They believe that their circumstances have to provide them with what they desire, but it is actually the state of their attitude that determines their circumstances.


Your life is a reflection of the state of your attitude.


If you live in an attitude that sees limitation and lack you find limitation and lack meeting you at every turn. 


When you choose to live in the abundance attitude you experience freedom from lack, loss and limitation.


In an attitude of abundance all so-called mistakes become negligible, actually non-existent.  You don't have to worry about blowing an opportunity or messing up in any way, and you don't have to freak out about others messing up, because there is no limit to the good that your circumstances can manifest.


Opportunities are like buses; there's always another one coming.  Would you feel upset about missing a bus if you saw an endless trail of buses coming right behind it?  Of course not.


The only limitations that you experience are the limits of your imagination.  You imagine no more ways that your life can be all that you want and so you grieve the loss of the one way that you believed in.

That way that you believed in can be anything or anyone that you hold dear, including a job, an income, or a marriage.  But the same infinite source that provided what or whom you lost continues to exist!


Whatever hardship you are going through is entirely in your imagination.  The only adversity you go through is the one you imagine and believe in.


When you live in the abundance attitude you realize that life is always in the process of becoming more beautiful, more fulfilling, and more glorious.  If you don't feel the truth of this it is because you are imagining and believing in something else going on.  Don't take my word for it.  Look at your thoughts and look at your feelings until you see the thoughts that you are feeling so stressed about.


Entering the glorious attitude of abundance begins with accepting your feeling of it right now.  This may not sound practical.  You have trained yourself to believe that you have to hold onto your ideas of lack to solve the problem of lack.  To enter the attitude of abundance takes a courageous leap of faith.


If you are ready to leave the stress of scarcity behind scarcity of money, of talent, of opportunities, of people, of power, of creative ideas take the leap by gently working your feelings into the sense of being in infinity right now.  Sense the experience of being in a no-limit universe and allow yourself to relish the feeling of relief that comes with that.


The next step is to practice being aware of any slips in your attitude.  Notice if you begin to feel the slightest trace of pressure or concern about supply on any level, be it the form of money, people, business opportunities, health and healing options, etc.


Everyday the media dishes out news about the latest disaster, or the new one that is on the way.  When you think about a disaster you are not thinking of the infinite field of abundance that surrounds it, that is really ever present.  This sends millions, maybe billions of people into a fearful attitude of scarcity, which can make it more challenging to hold onto your own attitude of abundance.


Use those circumstances that trigger your feelings of scarcity to exercise your abundance attitude, and thus to strengthen it.  To master the abundant attitude means to be able to maintain it all of the time.  As you master your attitude of abundance you make it easier for the rest of us to do that as well, and thus to live in the feelings of inner peace, security, safety and enthusiasm over life's infinite possibilities.


Your life-circumstances reflect the state of your attitude. 


My engaging keynotes lift attitudes above the stressful level of scarcity into the joyful attitude of abundance, to restore feelings of self-worth and enthuse hearts and minds with the infinite possibilities.

Email me, or call 770-364-9580 to discuss your keynote speaker interests. I also provide in-depth coaching to help individuals and small groups attain and maintain freedom from the debilitating scarcity mindset.


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