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Master The Power Of Desire

For Fulfillment And Abundance

Master the power of desire to take advantage of the instant fulfillment and abundance that desire offers.


When desire is mishandled in cuts us off from the fulfillment it seems to drive us toward.


Desire informs you of the experience you want to have right now, and you can have that experience, unless you hold a belief that tells you that you cannot.


When you want to have an experience, your belief system might tell you that you have to go out and get what you want, or wait for it to come to you, or hope that someone else shows up to give it to you.  When this happens, your desire cuts you off from the experience you crave.


Let's say that you desire to be in a loving relationship while you find yourself alone.  Your ability to experience that relationship satisfaction is available to you right now.  In fact, the only time you can ever experience the fulfillment of your desire is in the present moment. 


The moment you seek to satisfy your  desire through some future acquisition you set yourself up for feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration and futility. 

You cannot have an experience in the future.  The only experience available to you is the one that is present.


So how do you satisfy your desire? First, by understanding that the experience of a satisfied desire is a state of consciousness.  It is a state of feeling. 

Right now you can experience the feeling of the desire satisfied, and that state of consciousness must manifest the physical conditions that match the feeling.


If you look for a physical condition to satisfy you, you place yourself in a state of consciousness in which you feel the lack of what you desire.  We call this  grasping.  The more you try to grasp the physical level for the feeling of satisfaction that you want the more dissatisfied you must feel.


As you open your feelings to the experience of the desire fulfilled, that is the feeling that you experience. 

The more energy you send into that feeling the more powerful and fulfilling it grows. 

To send energy into a feeling, just open to the feeling of more and more power flowing into it.   


The belief that tells us that we  have to have a particular physical condition before we can experience satisfaction brings only more dissatisfaction.


Let's see how mastering the power of desire works in the area of abundance. 

Everyday people feel stressed out about financial insecurity, believing they need more money to feel more secure.  But this belief just perpetuates their feeling of lack and insecurity, no matter how much money they accumulate; and it usually stands in the way of accumulating much money at all.


Shift into the feeling of abundance right now.  That is what you really want from all the money in the world: that feeling. 

Having all the money in the world and feeling poor is certainly not what you want. 

As you live in the feeling of the presence of abundance in your life  right now you satisfy your desire for that abundance; and because the physical always reflects the state of your consciousness, this is how you create more abundance in your circumstances.


Master the power of desire by letting desire guide you into the feeling state you want to experience right now.

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