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How To Never Get Cheated

We've all experienced the anxiety of feeling cheated, or worrying about getting cheated.  What a waste this is!  It comes from ignorance of the universal principles at work in life that you can always rely upon.


One of those universal principles is that giving and receiving are always in balance.  This means that no matter how much you give, the receiver cannot withhold an equal measure of benefit coming back to you. 


It therefore behooves each one of us to give generously, without strings attached.  The receiver of your gift inevitably behaves in perfect alignment with what will bring you all the good you gave and more as long as you remain open to receiving it.


If someone seems to take advantage of you, you have slipped into your imagination, ruled by a false belief about what is happening, because universal principles are always in tact. 


Let's say that you gave someone far more than it seems he gave back to you, and that led you to disengage from him.  Or perhaps you wanted to give even more, but he rejected you.  In both instances, that individual behaved perfectly relative to the benefits you have coming back to you.


While it may be painful at the outset, the break up of the relationship has freed you to draw into your life someone more deeply in harmony with who you truly are, one who can recognize and appreciate the value of what you have to give and reciprocate in ways that you appreciate and value, drawing the two of you even closer.


When a relationship doesn't work out it just means that the other person was not able to give you all the benefit you have coming to you.  The break up opens up the channel through which it can come.


When individuals close their heart and withhold love they really withhold it from themselves.  Giving love starts on the feeling level.  Love flows from your heart and into the oneness that is the universe, for the benefit of all. 

By letting your love flow you benefit the most, because you always receive more than you give.  By giving more from what you receive more comes to you.  To maintain the balance of this flow you are called upon to give even more.


Your attitude when giving is all-important.  If you give from a feeling of obligation, not wanting to give, you limit the benefit to the receiver and block how much you have coming back. 


Giving with a spirit that expresses the joy of giving, knowing that much more is coming back to you, expands the flow of abundance coming your way.


When you are giving to another you are really giving to yourself, based on the universal principle of Oneness that states that we are all connected, all united, all essentially one.


So you never need worry about a lack of reciprocation.  You never need to hold back what you feel inspired to share.  Be glad, expectant and open and the flow back will take whatever form of abundance you would benefit from the most.


Life as a whole is bound by the principle of balanced giving and receiving.  Often we go through a tremendous loss in life, but that just prepares the way for a grand gain that we will bring even more fulfillment into our lives. 

By passing through our gravest losses with trust we ease our way through them and expand the channel through which our greater gain can return to us.


Look back over your life to review those times when you felt cheated on any level, including emotionally and financially.  See how it was your own negative belief about your experience that caused you to feel cheated. 


Open your heart now and feel the flow of abundance flowing back to balance the giving and the taking.  Realize that the more that was taken from you the more you have coming to you, once you bless the gift you gave with your appreciation for that fact.


The only way to get cheated is to cheat yourself of the expanding forms of love that you have coming by resisting giving all the love you have to give.


To never get cheated, harbor the best intentions for everyone.  Wish everyone the freedom and abundance they desire and give what you can in support of their receiving all they want in life. 

Those good intentions come back to you in the forms of loving support that will benefit you the most, expanding your fulfillment in joy, giving you more to give.

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