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Live In The Flow Of Abundance

The universe is designed to provide you with a constant flow of love in all needed forms for your total and abundant support. 

In other words, whatever you need is coming your way in abundance.  This is a universal principle on which you can always rely.


As you live in the conscious experience of this principle at a feeling level, you see it manifesting in physical conditions that demonstrate it.  Its forms include, but are not limited to:

  • more than adequate financial supply
  • loving intimacy
  • a harmonious and uplifting circle of mutually supportive friendships
  • inspiring professional opportunities through which you can share your natural gifts and talents to the utmost
  • harmonious living conditions
  • and any other experiences you need for your total fulfillment and most meaningful contribution to the lives of others.


One of the ways that we connect with this flow is by expressing our natural gifts and talents, for these fun activities inspire us to the point of freeing us from any sense of constraint or limitation.  As we share the gifts and talents that inspire us with others they experience the same uplifting sense of support.


The central way that we connect with this flow is by relaxing into it and releasing any feeling of need to control events to make abundance happen.

We block the flow by worrying about not having enough.  Worry about scarcity manifests conditions that support the belief in its possibility.  For instance, worrying about not having the loving relationship you want produces circumstances that support your sense of loneliness, isolation and separation.

When you fear  any form of lack the abundant flow of the universe's support will manifest  physical conditions that appear to demonstrate that form of lack as fact. 

We reinforce conditions that appear as lack when we deprive ourselves of the joy of doing what we love, when we try to force outcomes, when we resist the flow of infinite possibility, when we seek to impose a condition of lack on another, whenever we think that there may not be enough of whatever we might need.


To remain totally secure in the feeling of abundance in all areas manifests circumstances that demonstrate that security. 

Living in the flow of abundance does not require any effort whatsoever, because it is our natural state.  In other words, we are already there.


To experience lack in any area is what requires effort, because doing so is in opposition to  our natural state.  In other words, it takes effort to experience lack or insecurity relative to any area of life because that experience is unnatural to us.


We return to our natural state by relaxing effort and surrendering into the feel of being in the flow of total love in abundance in all the forms of support that we might need.


Make no effort to create abundance in any area of life.  Make no effort to avoid or protect yourself from possible lack.  Don't try to manipulate circumstances to remove blocks or to give you access to abundance in any form.  Give no power to circumstances.  Rest on the principle of love in abundant supply.


Fretfully struggling to make abundance flow, living in fearful resistance or defensiveness toward what may come, serve only to choke abundance's flow in your life.


Lightening up and easing up are the two great central keys to releasing a more expansive flow of loving abundance into your experience. 

To live in the flow of abundance has more to do with relaxation and having fun than working hard and taking things too seriously.

The universal principle of abundant support becomes apparent as you allow yourself to do what you love - expressing your gifts and talents - and surrender into joyful reliance upon the constancy of the principle of love inevitably operating in your life.

Illuminating speaker, Bob Lancer

Imagine the benefits to an organization who's entire staff lives in the flow of abundance! 

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