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How To Overcome Financial Insecurity

Financial insecurity has nothing to do with how much money you have.  There is no outside source that can relieve you of financial insecurity for more than a brief moment.  Following any temporary high that comes with a financial spike, comes a more severe low as you realize that you are counting on an entirely unreliable source for your feeling of security.


Financial insecurity is a manifestation of a self-worth problem,
not a net-worth problem.


While we generally presume that feeling financial insecurity is an accurate response to a perceived condition of financial lack, it is actually the cause of that condition. Why is this?  It is because your "outer" circumstances are always giving you an exact reflection of your state of consciousness.


Anyone suffering with feelings of financial insecurity wants out of those feelings, because they are torturous. 

They are torturous because they are saying to you, deep down inside, that you are not enough.  They are saying, "You are not enough to generate the funds you need.  You are not enough to support yourself and those who rely on you, including your children." 

You believe that you are not enough, and that is why you believe that you don't or you won't have enough.


It's important to understand that the feeling of financial insecurity is a learned pattern, as is the feeling of insecurity about oneself.

My Story

I was raised in affluence from the age of six.  But the more I was given, the more I was told that I did not deserve it.


Since the way that we relate with others is always a reflection of how we relate with ourselves, this meant that on a deep level my parents did not truly believe in their own worthiness for the affluence they demonstrated.


My father was extremely poor as a child, and through his parents' modeling he learned to see himself as poor, inferior and less deserving.  He told me many times how much he had hated being poor and how much shame he experienced over it.  The terror of these excruciating feelings sparked his drive to break out of poverty make a good living. 


But making a good living did not “cure” him of the deep-seated fear, hatred and shame that he developed in childhood, because he never did the necessary work to release himself from the beliefs that caused those feelings.  He sought a cover-up rather than a cure. 

He thus automatically passed those same patterns onto me, patterns of fear, shame, hatred and covering up my true feelings, because children are automatically programmed by their parents' programs.


So, although I was raised in affluence, I received and contained the feelings of terror, hatred, shame and cover-up related to finances.  While I never actually lacked on a financial level, I never did as well as I could have, and continued suffering the inner agony of insecurity and unworthiness into my adulthood. 


My father also instilled in me, through direct messaging as well as through modeling, the belief that in order to be a real man and have a real woman to love me I had to be able to luxuriously provide for myself and for her.  So the fear of being alone, abandoned and without love was also tied into my feelings of financial insecurity.


The fact that my father and mother met, married and remained married until my mother passed away indicates that my mother was compatible with my father's insecurity around money.   This means that she was not with him out of real love, but to relieve her feelings of insecurity around money and self-worth.  After all, like attracts like. 


Because children absorb their parents' relationship pattern at a level that makes it their own, my parents' relationship pattern instilled in me my patterns around financial insecurity.


Perhaps you can relate?


Your inner stories around financial insecurity most likely differ from mine, but you can see that the real source of financial insecurity is whatever insecurity programs you learned in your childhood, whether you can recall them or not.

The point is that feelings of financial insecurity have nothing to do with how much money you have.  So now we are ready to engage in the release of financial insecurity, which simultaneously releases you to experience the full, free flow of abundance in your life. 


Seeking to compensate for underlying programs of insecurity by amassing more income proves fruitless.  You will never experience all of the abundance you are capable of experiencing, and whatever degree of abundance you do generate will never feel like enough to satisfy the void in you that agonizing fear currently occupies.


The process involves recognizing and releasing yourself from those limiting childhood patterns of insecurity, and then directing the freed up energy into the awareness of your intrinsic power to generate, receive, live in and share all of the abundance you could possibly desire. 

The process involves identifying the programs you received and then feeling compassion, not blame, for the people (your parents) who passed those programs onto you. 

Feel compassion for them because you can see how much suffering those patterns cause.  Then, feel compassion for yourself for the suffering you endured from those patterns.  Then, feel grateful for the gift of this experience, because it provided you with the opportunity to grow in wisdom and compassion.

Following these steps releases energy from those patterns.  The final step is to redirect that energy into the feeling of your intrinsic power to generate, receive, enjoy and share all the abundance on every level, in every area, that your heart desires.


As you live in this awareness, your material circumstances must reflect it with an exhaustless flow of expanding supply, equal to your degree of your restored belief in your True Self.

I guide groups and individuals through the process described in this article for profound breakthroughs in all areas of abundance, including financial, relationships and the discovery and sharing of your unique gifts and talents.

For more information email me to set up a time to discuss your interests.

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