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How To Manifest What You Desire

 Through Positive States Of Consciousness

All you ever really experience is your present state of consciousness. Are you experiencing consciousness of material abundance and worldly success?  Are you experiencing fear of lack, or even panic?  Are you feeling alone and lonely and depressed over the expectation of no prospects for love in your life? Are you feeling open to life’s flow or resistant to it?

Your present physical, material conditions are nothing but an out-picturing or manifestation of your predominant, previous states of consciousness.  To change your physical circumstances, change your states of consciousness, and continue that change until sufficient creative power has built up to produce its reflection in your material conditions.  This is how to produce change in every area of your life, including your physical health, wealth, work opportunities, relationships, living and working environments, etc.

Your material conditions must eventually conform to the state of consciousness that you dwell in on a consistent basis.  Therefore, when you want to manifest a condition in your outer world, concentrate on manifesting the state of consciousness that you want.  When your inner state of consciousness is trouble-free you are creating trouble-free circumstances.  Trouble does arrive at some point, though, in the form of new challenges to your inner state.  As we rise to the occasion, though, by taking charge of our inner state instead of reacting, the power of our consciousness grows stronger, producing more joy and fulfillment within and more amazing results in our outer world.

Mastering consciousness requires working on it amidst life’s ups and downs.  It is just as essential to master your consciousness when you face conditions that trigger your fear, anger and sadness as when you face conditions that trigger your glee, pride, and delight.  If you react to things when they go the way you want, you will react when they don’t.  Your pleasurable reaction plants the seed of a painful reaction that is sure to follow.

Life will inevitably confront you with challenge because your life is all about your evolution of consciousness.  To master your consciousness means to open up to higher and higher influences, deeper levels of wisdom, more profound feelings of unconditional and universal love and joy, an expanding sense of oneness with the infinite Power of the Divine.  Therefore embrace your challenges as opportunities to access more of your unlimited capacity to manifest states of higher and higher consciousness.

Wherever your state of consciousness is weakest, that is where your life will seem most like a struggle.  For instance, if you feel anxiety and stress when you look at your bills, that means that your consciousness is out of your control in the area of finances, and you will certainly experience the most struggle there.  If you feel overcome by temptation when you feel sexually attracted to someone, you can be sure that you will find your love-life an area of struggle, strife and difficulty for you.  Wherever you lose control of your state of consciousness you lose.

Life will seem to occur to you in a haphazard way when your control of your state of consciousness is weak.  On the other hand, as you live more and more consistently in the state of consciousness that you choose your life will proceed in a more orderly, harmonious, successful way.  A harmonious state of consciousness is an orderly state of consciousness, and that harmony and order, if maintained consistently enough, eventually produces more order and harmony in your circumstances.  To state it simply, the more satisfied you feel within the more satisfactorily things will appear to work out in your circumstances.

To gain mastery of your state of consciousness it is necessary to pay close attention to how you react in daily life.  Every time that your thoughts drift, your consciousness is out of your control.  Every time that you experience an emotional reaction, your consciousness is out of your control.  Every time that you slip into a state of desire your consciousness is out of control.  When you observe this happening, don’t chastise yourself.  That would just be another form of emotionally and mentally reacting.  Simply determine to practice in that moment living in the state of consciousness that feels most harmonious, most fulfilling.  Pay close attention to how you feel to sense the changes you need to make in your state of consciousness in order to expand your harmonious state of inner fulfillment and deep inner peace, contentment, love and joy.

We enter higher states of consciousness through opening up to them within, after clearing our consciousness of the mental and emotional debris that clutters it.  This clearing and opening up is accomplished most effectively through quiet periods of focused meditation.  Take quiet times everyday to simply look within.  Notice how you feel.  Notice the thoughts that flow in and out of your field of attention.  At the same time, open up to the the depths within you where perfect peace and inner, harmonious stillness abide.

As we shed our old patterns of aimless inner drifting and reacting, and practice manifesting the state of inner consciousness we truly want to experience in the present moment, our inner and outer lives transform.  Whatever problems, difficulties or troubles you are now facing in your circumstances are products of your past states of consciousness.  As you practice living in a higher state of consciousness right here where you are you are subtly but surely turning things around to match your higher desires.

Because we live in a physical body on the physical plane we certainly do need to take physical action in line with the conditions we wish to manifest.  But please understand where these actions come from.  Everything that takes place in the physical world is the product of a state of consciousness, including your physical activity.  Thus, in order to do what is necessary to achieve an objective you first need to abide in the state of consciousness that delivers the impetus and power to take that action.

If you live in states of consciousness consumed by feelings of lethargic hopelessness and by thoughts of failure, shame and destitution, you will find it nearly impossible to take any effective action toward improving your circumstances.  Living in a positive state of consciousness, on the other hand, will eventually build up enough inspiration and motivation to  drive you into effective action that produces the desired physical results.  

Thoughts are also a manifestation of a state of consciousness.  If right now you are facing a challenge and you have absolutely no idea of what you can do to extricate yourself from it, take charge of your consciousness.  If you slump emotionally into feelings of discouragement and overwhelm, feeling sorry for yourself and feeling insecure about what will happen if things get even worse, the only ideas you are going to receive are worrisome visions of worsening conditions.  

Live in the feeling of the challenge being handled, though, and you are setting into motion the manifestation of that happy outcome.  Live in the feeling and vision of complete and total success.  What you will eventually find, if you maintain a positive state of consciousness consistently enough, is a great idea coming to you, revealing an action you can take to move things in the direction you want them to go.  Take that action and continue mastering your consciousness and your continual progress is absolutely assured.

Let’s look at a specific example to make this point clear. Let’s say that it is your wish to write a book, but every time you think of writing it thoughts run through your mind telling you that you are never going to really do it.  These thoughts trigger feelings of disappointment, discouragement and self-disapproval.  As a result, you lack the energy, will and determination to produce a manuscript. 

But let’s say that you consistently live in the feeling of being someone who most certainly can write a book.  Let’s say further that you live in the feeling and inner vision of completing a book that you feel really great about, even before you have any clear idea of what you want to write about.  Remain in this positive state of consciousness consistently enough and you will find an inspiring idea lighting up your mind and igniting so much drive and inspiration to put that idea on paper that you cannot not write that book.

There is nothing more important than your continuous exercise of your power to determine your state of consciousness, because at all times your state of consciousness is determining your future.  The harder the challenge to master your state of consciousness the greater the power of mastery you can develop in the face of that challenge.  Every moment, every second of the day, is your opportunity to practice mastery of your state of consciousness to live in more and more joy, love, inspiration and feelings of empowerment, producing more and more magnificent conditions in your physical world.

Any problem facing you can be met by you with a state of consciousness characterized by the thought, feeling and belief that “I can solve this problem.”  You can also confront the problem with a belief that you are not enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, good enough to solve the problem, that you are helpless to help yourself and need someone else to rescue you.  Both of these internal states of consciousness work as self-fulfilling prophecies!

It require work to shift out of automatic reactions to our circumstances and habitual thought drift-patterns that squander our attention.  Doing this work, though, is the most valuable work that you can do, because it determines what is going to happen to you. 

Fearfully, desperately exploding into action to get out of an impending crisis may produce a positive change, but it probably won’t.  Even if it does, though, the negative state of desperation-consciousness that you act from or in  will be producing conditions that reflect and reinforce it.  In other words, you are creating what you are afraid of as long as you are afraid of it, no matter how hard you work at producing a better outcome.

The state of consciousness that you live in today defines the physical circumstances you will live in in one of your tomorrows. You have the innate power to choose your state of consciousness.  As you exercise this power it grows stronger.  The development of this inner power is how to enjoy where you are and where you are going more and more and more.

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