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How To Manifest What You Want Without Wanting


You are connected to the infinite storehouse of the universe.  In fact, you are that storehouse.

It is only your mind, your mental image of yourself and your circumstances, your thought-life, that produces within you a state of limitation and lack.  You are infinite.  Scientists will tell you that your physical body is an infinite system, just like the whole universe is.  The capabilities of your mind are also endless.  But a misuse of the mind convinces us that we need more than we have, that our life is lacking in some way; that “life is a bitch, and then you die.”

You live in a flow of limitless abundance.  You are that flow.  The whole universe flows through you, as you.  Open your consciousness to the deep inner feeling of this reality.

There is no experience that is beyond your grasp.  When you live in the belief of limitation, though, you experience the seemingly pain of wanting.


We access or awaken to our limitless capacity for manifesting what we want without wanting by living in the state of complete contentment and fulfillment in the now.  Imagining the condition you want to create from the state of contentment is the key, because that opens you to the infinite flow abundance.

Until we achieve the total contentment of absolute inner peace in the present moment, with the mind free of any thought that brings internal disturbance to our feelings, we can manifest only more wanting. 

With feelings attuned to the infinite flow of abundance of pure contentment, envision the conditions you intend to create.  Remaining rooted in the feeling of absolute contentment permits the flow of infinite abundance to manifest those conditions according to your mental pattern.

Trying to get what you want from a feelings of dissatisfaction or fear, feelings of longing or lack, feelings of unhappiness, means that no matter what you might achieve, you will take your unhappy want with you.  You will not find lasting or meaningful happiness even if you get what you wanted.  You will see what is wrong with what you have, what is missing, and feel desperately limited by the futility of trying to get circumstances under your control.

The First Step

The first step to creating wisely, then, is getting into your core of true, perfect inner peace, contentment and fulfillment.  As long as you are internally reacting to circumstances or events, you cannot know this state; but this state is your true connection to your infinite source.

You might think that if you are already filled with peaceful contentment you would have no motivation to create anything.  For a while this is indeed the case.  Those who reach this inner state of unconditional bliss lose all incentive to make any effort to direct their lives, and yet their lives work out wonderfully.  After a while, though, creative inspiration arises, and we realize that like the Divine we can create without the need to create, we can direct destiny from perfect contentment, through perfect contentment, and engage in the creative activity to do so.

How To Take That First Step

Learning how to melt away your inner barriers to inner peace, then, represents the first step for creating what you want without wanting.  We achieve this by embracing what we feel instead of reacting to what we feel.  If you feel wanting, feel it; don’t go into action to extinguish it.  If you feel anger, sorrow, lust, longing, lack, even terror just observe and feel the feeling consciously.  Be content with your feeling, no matter how much the feeling hurts.  This means demonstrating true compassion toward yourself.

Step Two

Then, feel love for yourself.  When we feel loved, we relax into inner peace, like a baby who cries and cries until mother’s sweetly fragrant, loving embrace returns.  When you feel love for yourself you take the path to contentment.  Before you can feel that love, though, you have to feel your pain, embrace your pain, accept your pain, and not try to fix, escape or numb your pain.

Feeling your pain transforms your relationship with yourself.  Until you can do that you are essentially in an abusive relationship with yourself.  Think about it.  How can an abuser abuse you?  He does not feel your pain.  He has limited empathy.  When you block your pain you can go on hurting yourself.  By feeling your pain you melt away the barrier to love.

Master Your Mind

Essential to the practice of fully feeling our feelings, we need to develop our ability to not-think.  When we are absorbed in a thought we are blocked from our feelings.  At the same time, the vast majority of automatic thought disturbs our inner peace, destroys our inner contentment.  These thoughts then cause conditions to manifest that we find disturbing.

When you think from a state of discontent, you produce circumstances in which you feel discontent.

To develop your ability to not-think, pay attention to your mind all day long.  Notice when you are thinking.  Notice how your thinking is affecting your feelings.  Then immediately redirect your attention from your thoughts to your feelings.  It can help to focus on your breathing, because that anchors your attention to your body, and it is in your body that you feel your feelings.

Continue this practice to live without automatic thinking for longer and longer periods.  Continue practicing to be able to recognize and stop thinking at will.

Step Three: Create

When you have control over your mind you can use it for creating from the state of pure contentment.  You can deliberately hold the vision of your intended creation for as long as you like, as clearly as you like; and you can avoid dwelling on thoughts of failure. 

The ability to not-think is essential to the ability to live in absolute contentment in the here and now; and that is absolutely essential to manifest what you want without wanting.

Wanting is a form of suffering.  It is a form of pain.  Trying to get outer circumstances to cure it is like trying to get your mirror image to eat your dinner.  You just grow hungrier.

I would be delighted to phone-coach you through the process of manifesting what you want without wanting.  You can enter the state of inner contentment and create beautifully from there. Contact me to set up a time for your complimentary phone-coaching session.

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