Want To Be A Motivational Speaker Star?

Do you want to be a professional motivational speaker?

Here are some of the benefits of inspirational speaking:

  • You tap into your own inspiration, which uplifts you.
  • As you connect with the inspiration of your audience,you experience the delight of seeing THEM uplifted.
  • If you are an effective motivational speaker for team building, you get to experience the pleasure of seeing you  audience unite in a higher spirit of team bonding.

You will notice that there are no promises here like:

  • Make fast, easy, viagra money
  • Get to be the center of attention
  • Hear the sound of applause for your work.

Those really have nothing to do with what REAL motivational speaking is really all about.

If you are looking for fast money, good luck.

If you are looking for easy money, the closest you can come to that is doing work for pay that you deeply enjoy doing. (If that work is motivational speaking, then motivational speaking can be your right path.)

If you are looking for big money, you are going to have to dedicate yourself to being among the very best in your field.

 If you crave applause, consider that to be a superficial craving destined to let you down.

Counting on the approval of others is never worthwhile.

You are far better off focusing on doing what you believe is right. 


How others feel about your work IS important, but only to the extent that it helps you follow the path that expresses your inspiration.

If you long to be the center of attention, of course you get that as a professional inspirational speaker … once you have been hired, and presuming folks show up.

But you need to examine yourself pretty well to understand your motivation behind the quest for approval.

You would be far better off devoting yourself to serving people in the most powerful, meaningful way that you can.  This makes you a REAL star.

As you devote yourself to being the very best and brightest version of yourself, you shine more brilliantly wherever you are.

You don’t have to be a professional motivational speaker to be a star. Like a star in the heavens, you radiate who you are throughout time and space.

Team Building For Life


A successful, happy life is about team building.

No one succeeds entirely alone.

Success is based on relationships.

Every person in your life is a team mate.

Individuals who do not support you need to be avoided.

Motivational Speaking For Team Building

The most important kind of support we need to be as successful as we can be is the support of a positive energy connection with the other person.

You experience a positive energy connection with another when you feel uplifted during your interaction.  You feel motivated when you are together.

We experience interpersonal relationships in our mind.

Haven’t you had the experience of arguing with someone in your head?

When you think of someone and feel stress, strain or a loss of motivation, you are experiencing a negative energy connection with that “team mate”.

The purpose of a team is building the power of each individual involved.

So it is better to avoid even thinking of someone when the thought of that person causes you to lose inspiration, feel more emotionally taxed or burdened.

Set goals for yourself and then maintain relationships with individuals who help you to feel encouraged about your ability to reach those goals.

And strive to be a great team player in other people’s lives.

Be a motivational speaker in your relationships – in other words, avoid speaking in ways that cause people to lose confidence in themselves or in their dreams.

Those people will want to include YOU in THEIR team building.