Harness The Power Of A Positive Attitude

It is more practical to wax positive – that is, to build up a positive attitude and mindset, rather than to wax negative – or slip into a funk – in the face of life’s challenges.

Do you complain about your problems?

Every life-challenge offers you the opportunity to develop the power and wisdom you need to overcome it.

But when we complain about a problem, we program our subconscious to focus exclusively on its negative aspects and miss the greater opportunities and other blessings that it offers.

To create what you want in life you must first maintain the opportunity-mindset that prepares you to turn the way things are into the way you want things to be.

To establish yourself in this positive mindset, keep your mind free of negative judgment or habitual complaining regarding what is happening.

Apply the wisdom of waxing positive

In this way you preserve your creative freedom to recognize and take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.

It is entirely practical to learn to trust what happens.

When you judge a problem as a negative, you create the
negative situation that you conceive of.

Fearful reactions to challenge or change tempt us to imagine ourselves in a hopeless situation.

If you would just keep an open mind and look for a way to succeed, you will find it.

However tempting it may be to slip into a mood of despair about no prospects in life, you are better off living in peaceful, inner security and enjoying the present moment.

Focus your attention on an outcome that you would LOVE to happen and gently expect that a way to proceed will show itself to you in perfect timing.

Rather than waxing negative when a disappointing outcome befalls you, or when you see no way to reach your goals, try waxing POSITIVE.

 A state of positive expectation will attract solutions and creative ideas.

expect success

Imagine how you would be feeling right now if you KNEW that your way to success is going to open up for you.

Try moving your body in a way that expresses that positive attitude.

In this way you intentionally direct your energy into an attitude of joyful expectancy and thus apply the practical wisdom of waxing positive and remain tuned in to higher accomplishment.

The “Secret Wisdom” Of Your Constant Progress

Here is a “wisdom secret” that can free you from worry and fill you with encouragement.

Every experience in life moves you forward. 

 Even when it seems that you are falling back, you are moving ahead. 

  There is really only one direction in life, and that is toward your complete success.

 You have to experiment with your best ideas along the way. 

 Some work the way you want.  Some don’t. 

Even when things DO work out you soon see the flaws in it. 

 And when things don’t seem to work out, the blessings that come with that eventually are revealed.

We waste time worrying about making the absolutely right or perfect decision. 

Whatever happens, the experience will shape you into the person you are meant to be – into the person you truly WANT to be.

 If you think about failing, about discouraging possibilities, you attract what you want to avoid.

Focus on where you want to go, take your best shot at it, and see where that lands you. 

Fearful thinking may report to you that you have landed nowhere, but the reality is that you are always landing (or soaring) FORWARD. 

Focus on your goal and look for a way to move toward it right where you are.  Drop fearful speculation and let go of discouraging thought.

If something doesn’t work the way you had hoped, there are always valuable, time-saving lessons to be learned. You are always one step closer to where you want end up.  

Now you know the “secret wisdom” of your constant progress.