Speak Your Way To Success

You hear what you say, whether you happen to be speaking to yourself or to others.  What you say comes back to you like a boomerang.bul0461

You can speak in ways that empower you, uplift you, advance you toward your goals.  You can even speak in healing ways.  You can speak in ways that make you feel better or worse.

The important point is to be aware of not just what we are saying, but how it is impacting us.  After all, whether we achieve our goals or not depends upon what we do, think, feel and say.  You can talk yourself into a bad day.  You can talk yourself into success.

Every word you speak uses your energy.  Energy is your power to direct your destiny.  No one else is responsible for what you do with you power other than you.

How you speak to others and how you speak about others is not their responsibility.  It is your responsibility to use your speech power in ways that help you, and to avoid using your speech power in ways that hurt you.

Speech is a manifestation of thought.  Your life follows the direction of your thought.  Every thought you think sends you somewhere.  It is up to you to decide upon where you want to go.  Then, use your thought and your speech to help you get there.

If you feel frustrated by any condition in your life, instead of complaining about it – which only makes you feel worse – try becoming more aware of how you are using your thought and speech.

Think about what it is that you want to accomplish in life.  Make a decision about where you want to go.  Then, carefully monitor your thoughts and your speech to recognize whether you are thinking and speaking yourself toward or away from your goal.

As you harness the power of speech to work for you, you speak your way to success.

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