A Great Success Secret: The Wisdom of The Open Door of Opportunity

door of opportunity success secret: team building trainingsYou’ve heard the success-wisdom expression, “When one door of opportunity closes, another door of opportunity opens”?

Here is one way that this empowering wisdom works.

When you feel frustrated by your effoprts to accomplish a goal, this does not have to cause you to feel stuck.


If you seem blocked from accomplishing something you want, look at the reasons why you want it.

Although you may not be able to achieve your goal right now, you CAN do things to experience more of the success and satisfaction you want FROM that goal.

For instance, if you want to make more money, but you have not been able to do that, think about the reasons WHY you want more money.

Let’s say one reason is so you can feel free of economic worries.  To apply a wise strategy for success, focus DIRECTLY on gaining your freedom from economic worry.

How can you do this? By doing internal self-work for emotional liberation from dependency upon external circumstances to feel internally secure and confident.   door of opportunity success secret: team building trainings

So one open door to more success in this situation is to do the self-help work of strengthening your emotional security, trust and confidence without waiting for your economical condition to change.

The great success secret being presented here is simply this: Whatever it is that you want, when the way to it seems blocked, step back and clarify the most important reasons WHY you want it.

Then look for creative, alternative ways to satisfy those WHY’S and you will experience more success and satisfaction.

Don’t get caught up in a fretful, futile power-struggle with your life.  Look for alternative ways to experience more of what you want right without having to manifest that goal first.  This simple practice will reveal to you your open path to more accomplishment and fulfillment.

door of opportunity success secret: team building trainings


The more you practice this approach to succeeding in life, the more you develop the habitual success mindset of looking for and taking full advantage of your open doors instead of wasting your life on worrying about the closed doors.

A common mistake people make is to put off their satisfaction and success until they achieve some big, over-arching goal.

When a door of opportunity seems closed it is often because we are placing the cart before the horse.  We think we need something to happen BEFORE we can have a particular experience, when that is not indeed the case.

Remember this creative success secret of the open door: you can always find alternative, creative ways to experience or accomplish more of what you expect to get from any goal presently beyond your reach.door of opportunity success secret: team building trainings