Ten Keys To Personal Success


Here are ten wisdom keys for more personal success in life.

1… Focus on making the most of your present moment  (instead of worrying about the future or if you would be better off in some other situation).

2… When you feel stressed or emotionally distressed, see if you can relax and calm down, even just a little bit, to rely on the wisdom calm confidence instead of the confusion produced by anxiety.

3… Avoid over-taxing your mind by forcing yourself to think when thinking feels like a strain.  The feeling of mental strain is a signal to rest the thinking-mind by dwelling in a calm, clear state of present awareness.

4… Every moment of time is a potential investment in creating the future that you want.  Instead of habitually living through the moment, try more consciously living IN the moment, so you can make better choices for directing your life.

5… When you feel frustrated, unhappy, discouraged or insecure look within (at your thoughts and feelings) to see what is really going on.  This will reveal that your ten keys to personal successcircumstances are not upsetting you, but rather how you are reacting to your circumstances is upsetting you.

6…. Most of our thinking and emotional reactions are HABITUAL, until we do the self-work necessary to consciously and deliberately select our thoughts and emotional responses strategically.

7… Human beings are not merely living creatures – we are living CREATORS.  We have the power to create a vision of the life we want, and we have the power to manifest that vision in our life.

8… Beware of intense emotional reactions.  They have a way of generating and attracting chaos in our life.  Practice handling all challenges in peace and poise.  Remember that there is really no such thing as a stressful situation; there are CHALLENGING situations that we may react to stressfullly.

9… Did you know that worry never works? Worry will not improve your life one bit.  Worry makes no one more effective. In fact, worry wears us down, makes us less effective, and therefore has a way of leading us into the conditions we worry about.

ten keys to personal success10… Whenever you doubt your ability to be totally successful and fulfilled you are not looking at the real you, but at a limiting self-concept that you have developed over time.  Let go of limiting self-concepts to release your authentic greatness!


As you apply these ten keys to personal success in daily living, a whole new life of splendid success will be yours!