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Books & CDs
Motivational Books & CDs
Breakthrough Books
Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress
Bob Lancer's classic, groundbreaking book making the loving breakthrough in parenting you want.

Learn how to bring out your child's great potential as you maintain your peaceful and loving self-control.

You can guide your child's behavior without anger, draining power-struggles or stress.

Find out how to delightfully avoid and to calmly and successfully solve problems like:
  • Tantrums
  • Public misbehavior
  • Whining
  • Not listening
  • Disrespect
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Bedtime and mealtime
Make leaving in the morning, sleeping through the night, and following directions smooth and harmonious.

You will even see how to improve your relationship with your spouse (or ex) to improve your child's behavior.

The sooner you read this book, the sooner your parenting goals happen.
"My husband and I have read a lot of books on parenting, but yours is the best we've found. It just makes good sense and is the most holistic approach I've seen." - E. Soares
Lighten Up!
The breakthrough book for success AND happiness.
Make the breakthrough in your thinking that has been holding you back from a life of true happiness as you achieve your greatest dreams.  

You can turn to any page and read any sentence of this book to find a gem of wisdom that helps you on your way.

Learn How To:
  • Harness the power of happiness to create the life you want.
  • Free yourself from anxiety & depression.
  • Live in freedom & abundance from now on.
  • Successfully live life on your own terms while serving others.
  • Stop holding yourself back from a life filled with miracles.
Learn the leadership development secret of HAPPY success!

235 pages packed with powerful, self-liberating truths!
"This book has changed my life. It gave me the key to my longstanding bouts with discouragement in the first 3 pages." - T. Hundres
"Lighten Up is 200 pages of solid gold! Thank you for the amazing breakthrough you have given me." - G Setworth
Break Through For Life/Success Mastery
Regular Retail Price: $95.70
Special Limited Time Offer: $79.95
It's considered one of Bob Lancer's Masterpieces.
  • Powerful, Comprehensive SELF-Leadership Development Success Wisdom that will transform your mind, lift your heart and empower you to lead your life into amazing results.
  • This Beautifully Packaged, Uniquely Powerful Set of the most extraordinary Self-Leadership Development Success Secrets you will find anywhere - contains over 6 hours of incredibly enlightening and empowering wisdom on 6 CD's
Break Through For Relationship Satisfaction
Discover how to achieve your dreams through the Law of Association and attract the people you want in your life.

Learn how YOU create your relationship experiences and how to stop creating your relationship problems / start creating your relationship solutions.

This CD set will empower you to make real changes in your relationships right away and transform your thinking about relationships for dramatic improvements. 
Regular Retail Price: $95.70
Special Limited Time Offer: $79.95
The Secrets of Motivation
Learn how to stay motivated yourself and to motivate others.

Motivation is the key to performance, productivity, teamwork, leadership AND followership.

All the keys to motivation are presented right here.

Parenting Mastery
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