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You have found your source for a great Team Building Program

"Bob Lancer is a great motivational speaker and truly professional and personable. You can count on his punctuality, preparedness and politeness every step of the way, from planning through execution of his motivating programs. Your questions and feedback are always welcome."

Rachel Chandler, H.R., Turner Broadcasting Company


You Have Found Your Source For A Uniquely Uplifting And Empowering Keynote That Provides Lasting Value.

Outside of Atlanta GA, USA:
> Conferences: Keynotes & Breakout Sessions
> Retreats: Keynotes and Multi-Hour/Multi-Day Goal Alignment Workshops
> Phone/Skype: Goal Alignment Coaching and Team Building Sessions.

Local to Atlanta GA, USA
> Single, Quarterly or Monthly Goal-Empowerment Lunch-And-Learns (or regularly scheduled team sessions at another time) for continuously improving Goal Alignment
> Conferences: Keynotes & Breakout Sessions
> Retreats: Keynotes and Multi-Hour/Multi-Day Goal Alignment Workshops,
> In-Person: Goal Alignment Coaching and Team Building Sessions.

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to listen to Bob Lancer being interviewed on his goal achievement wisdom regarding what he calls "The Geometry Of Inevitable Success", in which he helps you understand how to turn life's ups and downs into steady upward progress by working naturally.

Customized Motivational Program Development

Whether you are interested in an in-depth motivational training-seminar, an inspiring keynote, or multi-day program or retreat, or individual coaching sessions in person or conducted remotely, Bob Lancer is ready to discuss your objectives and customize a program specifically suited to your needs.

Fees And Expenses

Please contact us for our current price structure.

Room set-up and AV Considerations

This depends upon the meeting space and audience size. Typically Bob requests that the client provides LCD projector and computer for power-point, a white board for trainings consisting of 50 or less participants, a microphone for groups of 50 or more.

A brief bio for introduction purposes and any additional material you might need to successfully promote the event is available on request.
"Thank you for the dynamic development seminar for our sales force. Your presentation skills are terrific. " S. Wright, Global President, NRS Media

"You fulfilled your promise once again, Bob. I left your inspiring program on leadership

development and team building, and I believe we all did, with motivation for transformation"

B. Rindlisbacher /Fire Training Coordinator

Vale District Bureau Of Land Management

Meeting Planners: By scheduling this dynamic and engaging keynote you are sure to be a hit as attendees discover how to experience what every human being wants more than anything else (according to every survey on the topic): More Happiness!

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