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Does everyone in your organization believe that giving their best is really valued?

Eliminate Negativity From Your Workplace. 

Studies clearly demonstrate that a positive workforce is higher performing, raises the bottom line and produces happier, higher performing clients and students. 

In my training-seminars I guide work-forces through a process revealing to them their negativity, its negative impact and how to transform it.  I don't just encourage change; I facilitate it.    

Contact me to discuss how you can bring me in to eliminate negativity in your workforce, for a healthier, more productive, creative and cohesive team.

A Happy Workforce Training
Keynotes, Seminars and Coaching:
  • 80% of workers feel less than happy in their work.
  • Dissatisfied workers are disengaged workers.
  • A Happy workforce outperforms a less than happy one by 80%.
  • Happier employees are healthier, higher performing, better team players and more loyal and more dedicated than less than happy employees.
  • A happier workforce produces happier, higher performing clients.
  • A higher performing client purchases more and brings you  more business.
  • Happier clients are your most powerful marketing tool.
  • Most employees are unhappy in their work because they lack happiness training.
  • My Happiness-At-Work Keynotes, Seminars and Coaching solve this problem.
  • Train your workforce in the skills for bringing more positivity into your workplace to raise your bottom line, weather that bottom line is higher profits, improved community service, or higher student proficiency.

Happiness-Training improves performance and teamwork for all levels and departments of your organization..

"Bob Lancer has presented wonderful motivational seminars for us several times. Our staff continues requesting him."

- H.R., Arnall, Golden, Gregory Law Firm

Lengths and Types of Programs

  • Up to 1-Hour Keynotes
  • 2-hour Training Sessions
  • Multi-Day Training & Retreats
  • Multi-Hour & Full Day Workshops
  • 1-Hour Lunch-&-Learn

  • 1-Hour Coaching-Mentor sessions for managers, key employees and select work-groups

"We have had Bob Lancer present several motivational seminars for us and each one receives the highest praises from the participants. We invite him back because our personnel requests him."

- Julie Clyatt, H.R., Sequent Energy
Typical Client-Categories
  • Businesses
  • Associations
  • Hospital clinical and administrative
  • Dental / Medical Practices
  • Non-Profit fund raisers
  • Schools (including faculty teams and school support staffs)
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Emergency Responders
  • Entrepreneurs and Professionals

"We have invited Bob Lancer to present his motivational seminars for our group of key staff many times. He delivers useful insights in an inspiring fashion. He helps us get back on track and do more of what we know we should."

- Nortel Neworks
Seminar Objectives
Participants emerge with:
- Understanding how they are responsible for the attitude they bring to work.
- Understanding how to improve their attitude at work and in all life situations
- Practical exercises for working with more joy, less destructive stress and enhanced focus.
Great team building trainings

Seminar Format
Engaging lecture, stimulating discussions, creative exercises

"Your presentation was both motivating and entertaining. We all benefited from your insight about 'Delightfully Dealing With Difficult People'. What innovative and worthwhile strategies you presented."

- R. Trussell, School Principal

""You were an absolutely FABULOUS trainer and an amazing motivational speaker! I think our audience was enraptured with you. In fact, I noticed that while you were speaking 'you could hear a pin drop'. That's when I knew you had reached everyone with your message. One individual told me later that what you had to say was so thought provoking that he couldn't ask a question." Karen Grody, Continuing Education Coordinator GBMC Pathology

"Your motivational seminar was terrific. I have received nothing but positive feedback."

- Tambra Booth, H.R., GE Financial
Some of the organization Benefits Provided By
The Goal Achievers Master System Keynote or Seminar
  • Higher Motivation For Higher Performance
  • A happier workplace that attracts and keeps the best people.
  • Enhanced creative thinking, goal-setting and goal-achievement skills
  • Elimination of petty, counterproductive, competitive mindsets that lower morale and hamper productivity
  • Honed skills for remaining positive, secure and focused when facing challenge, change, and uncertainty.
Motivate Your Team with
REAL Motivational Speaker Power.

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