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Find True Freedom Now - Part 1

How do you hope to find freedom?  For many of us it comes down to money.  “If I only had a couple of million dollars I would easily be able to get out of this fix,” we think in frustration.


But money is a manifestation of freedom, not a cause.  While you pursue money to set you free you don't feel free.  You might even feel desperate.


You want to feel freedom now, and it's accessible, if you don't put it off.


Freedom is a feeling.  How would you know if you were free?  You'd feel free.  You'd feel secure, unconstrained, no sense of lack.


Feelings are vibratory frequencies passing through our nervous system.  When you feel a certain way, your body vibrates a certain way.  Your brain vibrates a certain way.


In fact, all physical conditions are constituted by vibrations.  What appear to be solid objects are actually dynamic energy systems, vibrating at various frequencies.  We cannot hear those frequencies due to the limitations of our auditory senses, but they exist.  This is basic physics.


Just as every object is a dynamic energy system vibrating at certain frequencies, so is every situation. 


The vibratory frequency that you feel tunes you into situations that vibrate similarly.  So when you feel free you attune to situations in which your feeling of freedom resonates.  This attunement naturally leads you toward that situation and forms that situation around you.


The formation of situations consistent with your vibratory resonance occurs the way a magnetic field works.  Place a magnet under a thin piece of glass and sprinkle iron filings on the glass.  Those iron filings form into a pattern determined by the magnetic field of the magnet.


That's how situations for around you!  Your vibrations cause the energy system of your situation to gradually transform to match it.  The more powerful your vibrations, the more quickly and completely your situation matches it.


What you are tuned into forms the base of constructive operations aimed at producing a specific result.  Your vibratory attunement brings you thoughts consistent with it and motivates actions consistent with it.  

Tune into freedom and you begin receiving ideas of situations that represent freedom for you and you find yourself automatically taking actions in line with bringing those conditions about.


Your vibratory attunement determines synchronicity or serendipity in your life.  It will seem that things just happen to fall into place in line with the conditions you attune to.


The biggest challenge to directing our vibratory attunement, to the feelings we deliberately tune into, occurs when we find ourselves in situations that trigger fear and strong desire.


When you feel fear you are tuning into conditions you don't want, and find yourself irresistibly drawn to them, like one caught in a river flow heading toward a steep waterfall.  Pulling out of that “fear current” takes real work.


When you feel a strong desire, you are actually attuned to the state of lacking what you want.  Your attunement therefore causes you to experience more loss, not more gain.

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