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Find True Freedom Now - Part 2

This points to the problem with relating to money as the source of your freedom.  The more you want more money the more lack of money you are tuned into.  The more you fear being without money, the less money you will have.

The inner work involved in manifesting conditions of freedom consists of shifting from fear and desire into attunement to the inner state of freedom to experience all you want, to have all you want, to do all you want, to give all you want.

It's challenging to tune into freedom when you are facing deadlines.  But this is the work that needs to be done.  You can tune into the constraints and dangers of failing to meet the deadline or you can tune into freedom.  What is it that you really want?

You really want freedom, not fear and not the experience of lack that underlies desperate desire.  You want to feel free and you want to be free.  So shift from wanting it to feeling it!

The “how” comes down to inner awareness.  Face how you are actually feeling in the now.  Do you feel insecure, under pressure, desperate, lacking, blocked, stymied?  If so, then you are vibrating to conditions that resonate with those feelings.  In other words, you are perpetuating the very condition that you want out of and possibly even increasing its intensity.

By simply observing how you feel, however you feel, you begin feeling free.  Allowing whatever feeling that you are experiencing to flow through you, however painful, as you consciously observe the experience, you allow the feeling of freedom to gradually arise.

The stronger your emotional reaction the longer it takes to feel free.  When you are experiencing deep grief you may have to pass days in that painful state, observing and allowing the experience of your feelings, to feel more free.  But that free state won't last.  Another wave of grief will soon follow.  As you pass through each wave consciously, you find your states of freedom expanding and extending until you come out to the other side of it.

The same holds true for the state of intense desire that takes you out of freedom.  Hold your attention on the feeling of desire and you begin feeling more free.  The stronger the desire the longer it takes to feel any freer, but over time freedom comes.

It's called “standing in the fire”.  You “stand in the fire” of fear and desire until the fire burns itself out.  You keep cool in that fire by observing the experience of your feelings.

What you do relative to your thoughts is all-important in the acquisition of the state of freedom.  As long as you think about conditions or people that cause you to feel fear or desire you will continue vibrating in fear and desire.  The key is to notice what you are thinking, when you are thinking, so you can redirect your attention from thoughts that keep in perpetuate states of fear and desire.  Focus your attention instead directly on the feelings until they pass.

You want to feel absolutely free and you want to  feel that way right now, do you not?  Don't put it off.      

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