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Succeed With Inspiration

You have a choice: you can live drearily without inspiration or you can choose to succeed with inspiration.

Success means nothing if it lacks inspiration.  When you follow your inspiration to success you are experiencing success on the way to your goals. 

How do you define success?  It's important to become clear about that.  For instance, if you are interested in succeeding in a business sense, then revenue generation – or more specifically, profit generation – needs to be part of that definition.  Business is the game of making money.

Of course there are other dimensions to a successful business.  You need to feel that you are making a positive difference in the world to be truly fulfilled in business.  You need to be engaged in activities that express your inspiration. 

Whatever your goals, in whatever area of life, the first step for succeeding with inspiration is writing a script for your inspired success. 

List the things that you most deeply desire to accomplish.  This is not as easy as it sounds under all circumstances.  When we are going through the early stages of a loss, for instance, our view of the future tends to be negative.  We can't imagine things working out.  All we see is what we don't want to happen.

If you are in this dark cycle, realize that it is temporary and that it happens to us all.  The fastest way through it and back into the light is by relaxing to it, allowing it.  Don't focus on the future when all you predict is dismal.  Stay in the present, go through your pain, allow it to be.  Soon, you will find yourself able to imagine your future working out wonderfully.

You can tell that you have designed the right future for yourself by the feeling of inspiration that fills you as you conceive of it.  If you don't feel fully inspired by your future vision, patiently work on it in a relaxed manner, opening to the feelings in your heart.  It can help to ask yourself the question: “What future would feel absolutely wonderful?”

After you compose your inspiring script of the future that you desire, the next step is to come up with your next step.  It's not yet time to take action.  It's time to decide upon the action to take next.

This is where many goal seekers err.  They let go of their inspiration to “buckle down and get to work.”  The key to succeeding with inspiration is to stay in touch with your feeling of inspiration.  As you consider your options for taking action, wait until you come up with something that you feel inspired about.

You might feel inspired to write a blog or article.  You might feel inspired to call a contact or prospect.  You might feel inspired to simply close your eyes and envision your success.  The point is that your inspiration and action need to merge for inspiring success.

Trust your inspiration.  It's not just a great feeling, it's a healthy feeling that uplifts your performance and makes you more attractive to more positive possibilities.  It opens your heart to love and your mind to brilliance.  Without inspiration life is flat and meaningless.  To feel inspired is to want to be alive, to appreciate being alive, to BE fully alive.

Whatever your goals, they need to feel inspiring to motivate you to give your all to achieving them.  Whatever action you take needs to feel inspired for you to fully enjoy your journey to success.  Success with stress is bondage.  Succeed with inspiration!

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