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Direct Your Awareness To Enjoy and Direct Your Life

Whatever you are aware of is a state or condition of your awareness.  It's easy to overlook this fact and think that you are aware of something that exists outside of your awareness, but this is impossible.  As far as our conscious experience is concerned, nothing exists outside of our awareness.

When I was going through my divorce I thought I was going through what my wife was putting me through.  Then I woke up and realized that what I was experience was just a state of my consciousness, a state of my awareness. 

When I was experiencing financial struggle and insecurity I thought I was going through what my financial limitations were putting me through.  Then I realized that I was simply experiencing a state of my awareness.

When I realized that what I was experiencing was a state of my awareness I realized that I had a choice about my experience.  I could choose to be aware of something else, something more fulfilling, empowering and exciting.

How you see your experience is a choice.  You are not a victim of your perspective unless you see yourself as one.  Anything is actually possible.

You might have just lost your job and see that as a tragedy.  But you can also see it as an opportunity.  In my line of work as a public speaker and consultant, I count on clients for my livelihood.  At least, that is one way of looking at it.  I really count on my state of awareness.  I can be aware of being as busy as I want to be, and be aware of my career being as lucrative as I want it to be, and experience that.

What I am aware of impacts me emotionally.  I can be aware of loss and feel a sense of loss.  But I can shift my awareness by opening up to the possibilities of my fulfillment and I lose that sense of loss.

Whatever you feel sad about is really nothing but a state of your awareness.  Whatever you feel worried about is nothing but a state of your awareness.  Whatever you feel angry about is nothing but a state of your awareness.

Your experiences are manifestations of your awareness.  You can be aware of lack or aware of abundance.  Which state of awareness you experience does not depend upon your circumstances.  It depends upon your conscious or unconscious choice.

Whatever your financial situation, you can choose to become aware of abundance, of your opportunities for abundance, of yourself experiencing abundance.  You can choose your state of awareness, and thereby choose your experience.

Negative emotion prompts us to shift our focus of awareness.  If I am feeling unhappy, I must be aware of something that is causing me to feel that way.  I am seeing my circumstances in a particular way, in a depressing way.  When I ask myself, “What would need to be true for me to feel better?” I receive an answer.  The answer is that I would need to be aware of my potential for having an experience that I want.

For instance, if I am feeling unhappy because I am not in the kind of relationship I want to be in, I begin feeling happy as I open my awareness to the experience of the kind of relationship I want to be in.

You can shift your awareness into any experience that you truly want to have and feel joyful.  You can shift your awareness into the experience that you want by opening your heart and mind to knowing what you want and letting yourself feel as it was actually happening.

By directing your awareness into the experiences that you want you are accessing your power to direct your life because whatever experience you are aware of begins to manifest.  Just as significant is the fact that as you direct your awareness into the experience that you want to be having you enjoy your life right now. 

You can be aware of being in the relationship you want, in the financial condition you want, in the kind of work that you want to be doing, in the kind of home you want to be living in, in the physical shape that you want your body to be in.  You can direct your awareness into the experience of being the self that you want to be.

To access this power, take responsibility for whatever you are experiencing in the present moment.  Check in with your feelings to determine if you are feeling fulfilled.  To whatever degree that you feel unhappy or dissatisfied, instead of blaming other people or your circumstances or even yourself, simply shift your state of awareness.  Consider what experience you need to be aware of to feel fulfilled, inspired, enthused, uplifted.

It can take a while to identify the precise experience you need to be aware of to feel authentic joy and satisfaction, but doing the inner work of experimenting with states of consciousness will steadily improve the quality of your experience, raise your spirit and fill you with increased power.

You can feel as empowered as you want to feel.  You can feel the joy of being on your path to victory in whatever area of life you want to win in.  You can feel the relief of solving any problem that you have.  Simply direct your awareness into the experience that you want to be having and watch that experience unfold.

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