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Goal Achievement Secret: Shift From Wanting To Having

Here is a goal achievement secret.  Make one simple internal shift to enter a whole new world of success, fulfillment, joy, empowerment and security….

When you think about it, it's what everyone wants to do: to shift from wanting to having.  Who wants to want?  Whatever we want, we want to have.

It's interesting that shifting from wanting to having does not require a change in external circumstances.  It requires only a change in internal circumstances. 

And what's even more interesting is that once you make that internal change, the external change must follow.

And what may be even more interesting than that is the fact that the external change that you thought you wanted so much really doesn't matter.  What you really want is the internal change.

The internal change is simple.  Shift your feelings around, using your imagination.  Instead of thinking about what you want, think about having it and about how that feels.

If you want a certain financial condition, the feeling of wanting it feels like a strain.  You don't want to want that financial condition; you want to have it.  So imagine that you do have it.  Imagine it is your current reality.  When you really imagine it, notice how good that feels.  That is how you want to feel.

You don't want to want a particular kind of relationship, you want to be having that relationship right now.  You want that relationship to be part of your life now, not part of your future.  Imagine yourself in that relationship and notice how that feels.

As you live in the imaginary having of what you want to be experiencing and work your feelings into a state that matches how you would feel if you actually had what you want you literally shift your experience.  You create it.

Use your imagination in this way all day everyday.  Instead of thinking about what you want and about what you do not want, think about the experience of having what you want, of living the life you want to live in, and try feeling the way you would feel in that life.  This is how to direct your life.

All day long people feel badly about themselves for not having the things they want, or for not having things the way they want things to be.  They feel jealous and envious and low self-esteem because they think of others having what they want and they think of themselves not having what they want.

You can leave this form of suffering behind by directing your thinking instead of allowing your thinking to direct you.  As you direct your thinking by thinking of presently having things the way you want things to be, and directing your feelings to come as close to the feeling you would have in that ideal reality, you leave behind the experience of lack.

You never have to compare your life to another's life and come up short when you develop the mental discipline to remain focused on imagining that you are already having whatever it is that you find yourself wanting, and work your feelings into the experience of having it as well.

As you take charge of your inner world of thought and feeling, or consciousness, you find the freedom and power to live in whatever life you want to be living now.  You apply a goal achievement secret: you shift from wanting to having.

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