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The Art Of Receiving

There is an art of receiving, and it just may be the most important art you ever learn about.  It's really about how to take charge of your life.

Think of it this way.  You receive every person, every circumstance, every thing that comes into your life.

Perhaps more importantly, you receive every thought, emotion, desire, mood and attitude that occurs to you.

This interior dimension of receiving is the most important because it comes first. It predicates the physical experiences that you receive.

Your physical world is a reflection or manifestation of your inner world of thought and feeling.  Everything in the universe is vibration.  Thoughts and feelings are more subtle vibrations than physical things, but both are vibratory in nature.

All conditions begin in your life on subtle, less tangible levels before they manifest on grosser, denser, more tangible or more obvious levels. For example, you can often feel a cold coming on before it actually hits you full force.

The thoughts and feelings of fear that you receive foreshadow physical conditions that reflect or manifest those fears.  Any thoughts and feelings of lack that you receive begin the manifestation of physical conditions that look like insufficiency.

The art of receiving has to do with recognizing what you are receiving on the inner levels, on the more subtle vibratory levels of thought and feeling.  

When you see what you are receiving in the world of thought and feeling, and see those thoughts and feelings as internal conditions you are receiving, you can release from painful, unhappy or otherwise disturbing thoughts and feelings to receive more of what you desire on the physical plane.

The most self-empowering aspect of the art of receiving has to do with realizing that you are receiving the thoughts and feelings that you experience.  They do not express or represent your true self.  They do not come from you; they come to you.

Regarding your thoughts and feelings as internal conditions that you are receiving gives you some freedom from them.  You don't identify with them.  You see them as coming at you without you having to accept them as yours.

When you relate with thoughts and feelings as conditions you are receiving you give yourself some internal space from them, you gain some inner “wiggle room” in which you can free yourself from disturbing thoughts and feelings and the unwanted physical conditions they precede.

The most important thing is to become clearly aware of what you are thinking and feeling and clearly aware of the fact that you are receiving what you think and feel.

To help you in this, ask yourself, “What am I receiving in the world of thought and feeling?”  Then, simply pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling, just as you would look out your window to see who is coming to your door.

If you don't like the looks of that person you don't have to open the door.  The same applies to the art of receiving in your inner world.  If the thought and feeling are painful, you don't have to accept them.  You can look at them through the window of your observation, but don't accept them as your own.

Disturbing thoughts and feelings may be occurring
 to you, but they are not you.

Your thoughts and feelings about your life, yourself and other people are merely mental and emotional experiences that you are drawing to you.  

Once you see them as conditions you are attracting you effectively step outside of them.  They lose their power over your destiny.  You open yourself to attracting thoughts and feelings, and the physical conditions which follow, that are more in harmony with you, more aligned with your joy and your fulfillment.

Mastering the art of receiving begins with the practice of being aware of what you are receiving internally so that you can take it or leave it based what you most truly desire to experience.

This is an inner secret for how to take charge of your life.

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