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Wise Risk Taking

Success Secret Of The Fool For Taking Life's Risks

Taking life's risks is beautifully conveyed to me through the success secret portrayed by the classic image, called “The Fool”.

Envision a cheerful young man dancing in a care-free manner toward the edge of a cliff.  As he is about to step off the edge, he is not looking down.  He is looking up. 

Obviously he is called a “fool” because he seems to be acting so impractically.  But aren't all of the world's greatest successes risk takers who were labeled fools by someone?  It seems that he is engaging in recklessness, but look more closely.

Aren't we all always dancing at the edge of a cliff?  The reality is that anything can happen at any time, and the wisest and happiest among us learn how to deal with this fact of life in an attitude of faith rather than fear.

This “fool” seems to understand the success secret of faith.  Why is this a success secret?  It's a secret because so few people understand it.  It represents a principle of success because our lives go in the direction of our attention.  The more one worries the worse things seem to get.

Our emotional states have a definite impact upon our fate.  An emotionally disturbed, chaotic state radiates a chaotic energy into the environment.  That is why you can feel when someone is very angry, depressed or anxious.  Our emotional states radiate.

Chaotic emotional states like anxiety influence circumstances toward chaos and influence relationships toward conflict.  Murphy's law kicks in.

The “fool” in our image appears serene, confident, and expectant of a good outcome.  He seems to anticipate rising rather than falling. His attention is directed upward!

Risk For A Richer Life

Caving into the fear of risk taking keeps us trapped in circumstances that feel increasingly confining and stagnant.  Risk taking not only expands our possibilities, it can make life more interesting.

Some risks are foolhardy.  Others, though, are necessary.  You know when you have to take a risk.  Those who wait for the perfect opportunity wait forever, paralyzed by uncertainty.

Sometimes risk is thrust upon us, like when we go through a radical change in our lives without initiating it.  We lose a client, a job, a loved one, a home and feel over-exposed to risk we did not ask for.

Sometimes we take a risk and sometimes risk is thrust upon us.

It's nice to know that there is a definite foundation on which we can rely for making the most of a risky situation.  That foundation is the authentic state of emotional security.  When your faith in yourself and in your life is strong enough, you are ready to successfully risk.

Your attitude needs to be that however things turn out, you feel confident that you and your family will be alright.  Once you begin worrying about the outcome, you are looking down, not up, and your life is heading in the direction of your attention.

The reality is that failure and loss are really nothing but perspectives that turn out to be an optical illusion.  When the bottom drops out, look up, and all you will see is your ceiling flying up, meaning that your upper limits are flying away.

In this universe of relativity if you go down long enough you find yourself going up.  Start descending through the earth and don't stop and you will eventually find yourself flying up away from the surface you just penetrated.

The key to taking life's risks successfully is getting into the secure frame of mind. Being in a state of emotional security gives you the leverage to insure a secure, though perhaps exciting, ride.  You have to be unattached, emotionally, to the outcome.

Now there are times when NOT taking a risk is too risky, like when you can sense that your current position is truly unsustainable, and the least risky choice is to take a chance on something else that at least may work out.

Taking this kind of risk means embracing rather than resisting your fear.  The fear of change needs to be accepted when the consequences of remaining where you are prove even more threatening.


To clearly assess the facts in any situation requires calm.  When you feel nervous, pressured or insecure your ability to think clearly and, more importantly, to intuitively feel clearly, becomes blurred.

Put off panic for as long as you can.  Calm down, examine the facts and open your heart and mind to a feeling and a knowing of the wise course of action.  Sometimes risk is necessary.  Sometimes it is just fun and adds to the spice of life.  Sometimes it's thrust upon you.

It's really always present though, and only a foundation of internal faith or trust in the goodness of life no matter what happens sustains us.  This is the success secret for taking life's risks. 

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