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Goal Achievement Wisdom Of The Future

You Can Learn From Your Future

Conventional wisdom teaches us to learn from the past, but what about learning from the future?  There is at least as much leverage for success to be gained by learning from the future as from the past.

The point of learning from the past is how to improve the future.  The point of learning from the future is the same.

The future exists now, just as the past does, as a mental vision and concept that you can entertain.  So in a sense, learning from the future is just as valid as learning from the past because both exist in the same place: the mind; and in the same form: as thought. And, as you will soon see, both can lead to the same outcome: a better life.

To learn from the past begins with clarifying your vision and concept of a particular past event, like the last time you squabbled with your mate.  You then might consider, “What did I do to cause or contribute to that unpleasant situation?”  In this case, you are basically attempting to learn what you did “wrong”, what you do not want to repeat.

To learn from your future, you might imagine a future in which you and your mate are communicating harmoniously and see what you can learn from that.  When you learn from the future that you want you are essentially looking for what you did “right” so that you can repeat that in reality.

To learn from the future, imagine the way that you would love a condition to be and ask yourself, “What did I do to create this?”  Then open your heart and mind to see what shows up.

One answer that may occur is obvious: “I imagined it!”

Don't stop there.  The more you learn the more you empower yourself to produce what you want.  Ask, “What else might I have done for this outcome?”  You might come up with the answer: “I was open to receiving the experience.  I allowed myself to experience it.”

Continue seeking lessons to learn more.  For instance, you might come up with: “I had to concentrate on what I want in order to experience it.”

Turn these lessons into practices to produce the outcome you desire!

To learn more from your future, invite your future vision to teach you how to get there. You might do this by asking the vision, “How did I bring you about?”

You might find yourself seeing the event as a gift from God and begin experiencing gratitude to God as if it already happened.  This might teach you to cultivate a closer relationship with your spiritual source.

You might learn from your desired future that things work out the way you want them to, and therefore to live in faith instead of fear.

I have found through seeking and applying the lessons of my future that the future has at least as much to teach me about how to achieve what I desire as the past.

Learning from my future also enriches my present.  By imagining the future that I want I experience the inspiration of that future in the present.

And I know that by imagining myself living in the future I want I am doing more than learning how to create it. I'm actually creating it, based on the principle that we bring about what we think about. 

Try this out to discover the delight of applying the goal achievement wisdom of your chosen future.

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