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End procrastination NOW

End procrastination now by having confidence in your timing.

Instead of beating yourself up for not taking action on something NOW, trust that your reluctance, hesitation, stall or delay is merely an act of wise patience.  Trust that if you are not moving on something that you really do not need to move on it. 

Though your logic may argue against your timing, you may be subconsciously, intuitively picking up on a better time table to follow.  Trust in that.

When you trust in your timing your timing works out!  

Trust programs reality to conform to it.  While others cannot always come through for you as you would like them to, you can always trust yourself to come through for you, and that form of trust always works.

For right timing, the moment you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or called in too many directions at once, pause to calmly consider what needs to be done.  Let go of any sense of time pressure and permit yourself to be guided from within.  

If you feel anxious about not doing something right now, your anxiety blocks your ability to receive the inner message of intuition, the light of wisdom, for right timing.

As you calmly consider what needs to be done and your options for getting those things done, you allow your inner guidance to light your way and reveal to you what you need to do now.  That guidance comes with a feeling of congruence, with a sense of clarity and rightness about it.

If you then slip into worrying about what will happen if you are making the wrong choice, you simply block your inner guidance and actually program reality to cause you the very troublesome consequences that you are worrying about.

We bring about what we think about and draw to us what we focus upon.  Our attitude toward life causes us to experience a life that is consistent with that attitude.

When you enter this moment with an attitude of trust in your natural, uncrushed and unforced sense of timing you will find that your trust works as a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

Your actions work out and your circumstances conform to your positive expectations.  Things fall into place in ways you could not have predicted and everything seems to go your way when you simply trust that you are in the flow of right timing with no need for anxiousness about it.

When we beat ourselves up with negative labels like “procrastination” or “lazy” or “stuck” we create self-punishing circumstances consistent with irresponsible choices.  But the only irresponsibility being demonstrated is the misuse of our imagination and the imposing of negative judgment upon our timing.

The next time you worry that you are procrastinating or not getting to something you believe you should be getting to it, take some time to make a list of all that you need to get done.  

Calmly, patiently view the items on the list to see which item feels like the one you need to get done now.  The feeling that guides you is one of alignment, empowerment, relief, aliveness, contentment.  

You may be surprised to notice something not on the list suddenly occurring to you to do and find yourself choosing to do that.

If more than one item seems to need doing now, then flip a coin and choose either of them to start on.  The important thing is to maintain confidence in your choice and to not beat yourself up with worry or self-criticism.

Shift from beating yourself down by calling yourself a procrastinator into trusting in the right timing of your actions now.  

That is how to end procrastination now.

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