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Eliminate Overwhelm Now

Who doesn't want to eliminate overwhelm?  If you are feeling overwhelmed, raise your hand.  Why?  Because overwhelm is a choice that you think will actually work for you, even though it never has and it never will.

With so many pressing demands upon your attention, time and energy, how much of these three vital forces do you waste each day beating yourself up with self-pummeling ideas like, “I'm not getting enough done” or “I should be working on something else right now” or “I'm not making enough progress where it really counts”?

Isn't it ironic that while we are worrying about not getting enough done we are doing something that is not just a complete waste of our time, but also works counter to our aims and objectives?

Walking around with the feeling that you should be doing something that you are not doing takes all the joy out of where you are and all that you could be appreciating right here.  It's a beautiful day.  You could be appreciating the feeling of the warm sunshine on your face.  You could be enjoying your kids instead of yelling at them. Instead, you feel like you are splitting apart, you attack yourself with anxiety and dread, worrying about failure, disappointment, loss, lack, humiliation, frustration and making those the negative qualities of the drama you step into.

Telling ourselves that we are not doing enough literally programs our subconscious to bring us the very negative results that we associate with doing the wrong thing.

The fact is that while you are worrying that you are not doing enough you might actually be doing just fine.  Worrying is not fine, but the actions you are taking that you are being so critical of might actually be more worthy of your praise than of your criticism.


You might actually be right on track for achieving your most important goals just when you are brutalizing yourself with the thought that you are not doing or not being enough of what is right.

Thought is like a tool.  How well it works for you depends upon the skillfulness and awareness with which you wield it.  When your thoughts are causing you to feel the pain, strain and drain of anxiety you are figuratively hitting yourself over the head with a hammer!

Anxious thought is telling you that there is a problem “out there”, something you need to change, control or do something about.  But anxious thought lies because the real problem that it points to is “in here”, specifically, that thought itself!  Your mind is turning your heart against you when you whip yourself with harsh thought-lashings that say, “I am not enough” or “I am not doing enough” or “I am not doing well enough”.

Anxious, angry, self-critical thinking is a sign that you are trying to control more than you can, which means the same as more than you need to.  Your life is spinning out of your control and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, and nothing you need to do about it, but learn how to trust in it.


By all means do what you can to direct your life toward goal achievement.  Take those action steps that are within your power to take in calm confidence.  Trust in the small steps you can take and don't denigrate them as being too small or insignificant to make enough of a difference in your life.

Eliminate Overwhelm By Choosing To Trust

Trusting the direction of your life is one of the most potent things you can do for the quality of life that you long to live.  It demonstrates the faith that allows miracles.

Listen to your intuitive inner “nudgings” that suggest what to do for what you want, but when that nudge turns into a painful push into feelings of overwhelm your inner prompting is going haywire!


We try to control too much when we sense the constant movement of that dimension of our lives that is forever beyond our conscious control.  It is beyond our conscious control because it is already under perfect control.  It is the impelling force of life creating a whole new universe for us to enter and play in.  The conditions we have known are slipping away as something greater than we imagine is taking shape.  Resisting only makes it hurt and blocks our ability to enjoy the grand new adventure that is dawning upon us.  You have nothing to lose but your previous limits and their problems!   

So here is how to eliminate overwhelm: stop beating yourself up and enjoy the titillating energy of your ride into the greater life, the greater freedom, that you have been longing for.  Simply stop beating yourself up, do what is within your power to do with calm confidence, and trust the rest.  This takes practice to master, but every moment of practice frees you from overwhelm and its fearful, negative tyranny.

Eliminate overwhelm to achieve your goals with grace and let yourself rise into all the joy that life's mysterious unfolding can bring.

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