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Master Your Power Of Deliberate Ignorance

To Direct Your Life

We usually think of knowledge as a power and ignorance as a weakness. But the power to deliberately remain ignorant of something Ė we can call it our power of deliberate ignorance - is crucial to effectively direct our lives.

The life-fact upon which the previous statement is based is that we must be as discriminating regarding the knowledge we take in as the people we let into our home.  

There are some things that we are better off remaining ignorant of as there are people we are better off barring from our door.

You can only take in so much data.  Some of it is beneficial; some harmful.  You can know only one thing at a time, and the thing you choose to know, just as the thing you choose to remain ignorant of, makes all the difference regarding the quality of your present experience.

What do you choose to remain ignorant of?  If you fill your mind with trivia there is no room for important facts.  If you fill your head with problems there is no room for solutions.  If you fill your head with what other people are up to you overlook what you are up to, and it is what you are up to that is the ultimate cause of how you see and experience other people. 

If you fill your head with all of the things that are going wrong in the world there is no space for you to learn, recognize and understand how to make your life as right as you want it to be.

What we want to do is to direct our power to know things so that we keep it focused on knowing only what is worth knowing in any given instant.  How do you know what is worth knowing?  By the way the knowledge functions.  By the way that it impacts you.  If it extinguishes the fire of your spirit and leaves you feeling hopeless, for instance, it is not worth giving it any of your mind.

So just as important as is the power to know things is the power to remain deliberately ignorant of things Ė your power of deliberate ignorance. There are many things that you are better off not having in your mind, like water-cooler gossip.¬† There are many people that you are better off ignoring all together, like those who treat you poorly.

We hear a lot about using the creative power of thought to produce what we desire.  I myself have found that when I need to do something that I resist doing, I merely have to repeatedly intentionally imagine myself doing it and it becomes easier and easier to do, until I finally get it done.

Deliberately thinking about things that I desire to happen in my life has so often preceded those actual occurrences that it ceases to surprise me when a dream comes true.  

Of course, even getting what I wanted does not give me the experience complete satisfaction from then on.  I quickly see that I am powerless to preserve what I have achieved.  But the point being made here is that thought is indeed creative.  We bring about what we think about.

As powerful as is thought, so is the power thoughtlessness. Every time that you think about someone who hurt you you feel hurt all over again.  The more you think of that person, the more you hurt yourself with that thought. 

Negative attraction is when you feel attracted to someone or some thing that is really not good for you.

The same is true of negative attraction.  Negative attraction is when you feel attracted to someone or some thing that is really not good for you.  The more you think about what attracts you the more attracted you feel and the more ignorant of the downside you become.

Just as life takes certain people away from us, we must take certain people away from our consciousness by turning our attention away from any thought of them.  This permits our healing.

Your power flows in the direction of your attention.  If you look at someone and feel hurt, lost, powerless, tortured or just plain sick by the sight of him or her, stop looking at that person.  

If you find a negative person attractive, avert your eyes from that person, or at least from what you find attractive in that person's appearance.  It might be best to ignore that individual's very existence, both visually and mentally; do this, not to hurt or manipulate that person, but to free yourself from the painful loss of power you suffer when you don't ignore him or her.

Use Deliberate Ignorance To Avoid Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a self-defeating, couner-productive emotion, for it paralyzes us just when we need to take action and makes our journey to goal achievement feel like a miserable burden.

You can overload yourself with thoughts about everything you need to get done, and so must deliberately ignore certain responsibilities, demands and obligations Ė for a time - in order to focus enough attention into getting done what you can right now.¬† If you think too much about what you cannot get to, you deprive yourself of the energy you need to get to what you could have taken care of.

To Suffer Or Not To Suffer

If you want to continue to feel hurt, betrayed, overwhelmed, victimized and disempowered, or painfully (if not irresistibly)  attracted to the wrong thing or person, by all means give your attention to the thoughts and cast your eyes on the people and things that cause you to feel that way.  Just don't blame those people or life or God for how badly you feel.  Realize that you are choosing to feel this way by not employing your power of deliberate ignorance.

When you are ready, though, for relief from feeling emotionally injured, outdone, besieged by self-doubt, discouraged and inferior to the life-challenges facing you, now you know how to get there.  Simply employ your power of deliberate ignorance.  Visually and mentally act as if that person or problem or attractive negative simply doesn't exist and you are free. 

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