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How To Cause Success Coincidences

Master Timing Magic 

Wouldn't you love to know how to master the success magic of how to cause coincidences that seem to happen by a stroke of good luck?  

You know, the kind of coincidence that has someone show up at just the right moment to open a door for you when your hands are full of packages?  Or perhaps someone that happens to be sitting beside you on an airliner whom you find out, through a random conversation, has a connection with someone who can resolve a health problem a loved one of yours has been suffering with for years.

By definition a coincidence has an accidental aspect to it.  When we deliberately bring two events together, like ringing a doorbell and having someone come to answer the door, we don't call that a coincidence, but rather a deliberate result that we have achieved.

A common example of a true coincidence happens when we are thinking about someone and they happen to call us on the phone, or, in the days of pay phones, happening to find a dime lying on the ground when you needed to make a call but had no change.

Once we set out to manage or to determine our coincidences they no longer fall under the category of coincidence.  They become results that we deliberately caused.

But what if you could cause a coincidence to happen?  There is, of course, an implicit contradiction embedded in this question.  A coincidence involves an intersection in time between something you have control over and something that you don't.  

Once you cause something to happen out of the blue it really didn't happen out of the blue, it happened because you made it happen.  It's no coincidence, for example, that your car accelerates when you step on the gas.  It would be a coincidence, though, if that acceleration caused you to avoid a fender bender in your rear when you had no idea that such an accident was about to happen had you remained at the slower speed.

The real fact is that the accidental attribute of coincidences is purely illusory.  Something we did actually did cause what happened, even though we were not aware of how we caused it. 

For  instance, looking at someone in a crowd until that person looks back at you is not a coincidence.  Your attention sent out an invisible force that impacted the other individual's sensitivity and caused that person to look back.

One way we cause coincidences is through the vibratory resonance of our states.

When you accelerated just at the moment necessary to avoid being run into, you were in a particular state.  That state emitted a vibratory field urging you to accelerate when you did.  Your internal state aligned you with harmony and order.  Had you been in a state of emotional distress at the time, you might have found yourself feeling impelled to actually slow down at that instant, which would have caused a more damaging accident.

Our harmonious emotional states align us with what we might describe as happy or successful coincidences.  Another example of a successful coincidence might be you having a conversation with a prospect just when a client of yours happens to walk into the room and overhears the conversation.  That client then walks over to praise your services up and down, and that cinches the deal with the prospect.

We literally cause such things to happen by remaining in a harmonious emotional state.  Doing that which helps you to feel inspired and empowered paves the way for happy coincidences to fall in your lap out of the blue.

Another way that we influence coincidences is through the focus of our attention upon our intention.  Hold your attention fixed on something that you intend to achieve in life, like business success or a wonderful intimate relationship.  

By consistently remaining focused on a particular line of destiny you attract to you coincidences along that line.  For instance, holding your focus on your intention to meet someone special in your life might cause you to be in just the right place, at just the right time, to run into that person. 

Sometimes running into the coincidence we want seems like finding a needle in a haystack.  By monitoring your emotional state and maintaining it at a high level, plus keeping your attention focused on what you deliberately want to happen in your life, you, in a sense, cause that needle to find you!  

This is how we "master the magic of timing" and cause a coincidence that seems to come from right field.   

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