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Unleash The Goal-Power Of Letting Yourself Be

Balance Doing With Being

One goal-power for achievement is making something happen; the other is letting it happen.  Both are as essential to accomplishment as is being active and allowing yourself to rest are both essential to life. 

To achieve something you must do more than work for it. Or maybe we should say "less than work for it." You must go for it; but you must also accept the arrival of it.

Being as successful as you can be takes as much hard work, discipline and focus as you can give.  It demands the intentional, consistent application of your full power.

Of equal importance, though, is letting go of the effort to push things forward, to stop doing for a while and shift into restfully allowing yourself to simply be.  

Restfully being instead of actively doing places you in the receptive mode.  It's time to shift into restful being when your efforts cause you to feel increasingly anxious, tense, irritable, frustrated and blocked.  At the same time you will find that your efforts seem fruitless.  They don't seem to be paying off with progress.  It seems that things are stuck.

These are signs that the time has come for shifting from active doing to restful being.

Working too hard is as counter-productive as not working hard enough.

One cause of ignoring these signs is the fear of not living up to our ideal of ourselves.  As long as you see yourself falling short of your ideal of yourself you engage in some form of self-punishment.  It may be working too long and too hard.  It may involve alienating yourself from those you love.  Instead of punishing yourself with over-work you might over-eat, over-drink, over-exercise, or just writhe in the inner pain of self-loathing.  Whatever you do to punish yourself for not living up to your ideal, as long as you see yourself as falling short of your ideal you transmit the attitude of your unworthiness for acceptance into the world and try to cover it up with shame.

There is a time for going for something, and a time for letting something go.  You must let it go to let it come to you!

By letting yourself be without negatively thinking of yourself you free yourself from the losses incurred by self-denigration.

Sometimes it's not our own idea of ourselves that we are concerned with.  It is the idea of ourselves that we imagine others hold.  But this sort of self-critical thinking has the same backfiring effect.  You are still viewing yourself as an inferior and inadequate failure. 

All you have to do is to let go of any thought about yourself whatsoever to free yourself.  The build-up of negative feelings about ourselves is a sign that we need to stop doing and to rest in the blissful relaxation of simply being for a while .   

You don't have to punish yourself with self-degrading self-criticism to be and do your best in life.  On the contrary, you need the positive energy of accepting and believing in yourself.  You release and harness this energy by giving yourself enough time to restfully be without negatively judging yourself.

Focused doing makes goals happen.  Letting yourself be lets them happen.  Together, these two expressions of our goal-power, the power to do and the power to be, need to be in balance for our harmonious path of highest possible achievement.

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